Three Things Thursday

A little late…

1.  I ran out of time yesterday in posting this…I hosted the 5th annual Auburn Pi Phi Ornament Exchange last night at my house.  Great night reliving the college days.  I am finally having my housewarming party this weekend as well.  I will be a cooking/baking machine today.  Luckily the house is nice and clean after party #1.  If only I could keep it this spotless all the time…

2.  I found a new run I MUST do.  The 5K distance isn’t my fav…but this looks awesome.  Check it out.

Atlanta on 3/31!!  Is it coming to your city??

3.  Lots of negativity surrounding RNR Vegas this year.  There FB page has been out of control.  I’m really glad I didn’t run this race this year (last year was a blast though).  Seems like RNR has upset a lot of people and I wonder what they will do to make it right.  44,000 pissed off runners and a tight-knit running communtiy doesn’t lead to positive press and a ton of people wanting to sign up for your races…Looks like my post a while back was right on point.  Smaller, local races are the way to go.

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