Santa was GOOD!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  This week has already flown by and I realize I haven’t blogged in almost a week and have so much I want to do before the year is over! A quick Christmas recap.

As reality continues to settle in, my home has taken over my finances…and my Christmas list.  Most of what Santa brought had to do with my house so I will share what I did get that was running related…

I know I mentioned it earlier this month, but I LOVE Christmas ornaments, especially Christopher Radko.

My mom found this:

How stinking cute is he??  Marathon Santa.  Bib number 25.  Ha!

She also replinished my Joyful Bath Co. stash-I love this stuff for my ice baths (and hot baths, but ice ones are more common in this house).

When I arrived home, this was waiting at home from my Daily Mile Secret Santa:

I love that Michelle (my S.S.) had this made for me.  
And my Dad Santa?  Well, he did get me one running gift–lululemon pants, but most of my gift from him was for my house.  My closet to be exact.  I spent all day Tuesday unpacking from home, packing Christmas decorations, and working on my new closet.  This will explain why I didn’t blog yesterday (or honestly, why I couldn’t until tonight).
yes. it was this messy. a hot freaking mess.  like a bomb went off.
the additional small closet that was a waste of space
to this beauty! but imagine having to put all of the clothes back in…
now ready for shoes!
5 plus hours later…

My dream closet.  I love it. Only, I discovered that I shop.  TOO MUCH.  I had it designed as a his/hers closet for resale.  Except I take up the entire thing.  Now, it is all spaced nicely, but still, I have way more than one girl should have.  My new rule will be if I buy something, I must get rid of something else.  You can’t see it, but in the big closet there are shoes (seasonal), bags, and bathing suits up top.  One thing I know you will all appreciate?  All five drawers and one shelf dedicated to nothing but running stuff.

So that was the sum of my Christmas (like I said, most was for my house and wouldn’t excite yall as much) :):)

How as your Christmas?  Was Santa good to you?

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