I just realized last week that in November I hit (passed) the 1,000 miles running mark.  Woohoo!! And I still have an intense December training month lined up.  Thank you dailymile for an awesome way to keep track of all of my workouts.

I’m currently at 1,059!!  
A friend of mine pointed out an interesting fact on twitter…kinda crazy, huh?

And after finishing the Atlanta 1/2 Marathon on Thanksgiving Day, I hit a new moon with Half Fanatics! 
December 2010: RNR Vegas 
January 2011: Mobile First Light 
February 2011: RNR Mardi Gras 
March 2011: Publix GA 1/2
August 2011: RNR Providence, Park City 1/2
November 2011: RNR Savannah, Atlanta 1/2 
I hit #3.  8-11 Half Marathons within 365 days.  
Hmm…time to work on the next moon.
 How many miles have you put on your running shoes this year??

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