Veteran’s Day 11K Run Race Recap

I haven’t had an opporunity to run a smaller race in a while–most are on Saturday mornings and I have my TNT group run obligations.  I was excited to see a Schwaggle deal a few weeks ago for an 11-11-11 11K run.  Perfect.
The course wasn’t really announced until a few days before (at Piedmont Park) and my (timed) race bib arrived in the mail the week before the race.  Nothing to really worry about on race day.  Easy.

view in the park on the way to the start

The race was scheduled early at 7:11 and there was supposed to be a Veteran’s Day ceremony before the start.  I arrived around 6:50 or so and waited.  And waited some more.  When I arrived there was a line at the entry tent-apparently the guys in charge drove from AL that morning and were running late.  So around 7:30 the race finally started sans a ceremony.  I thought this was a Veteran’s Day race?  No anthem? No flag?  The only way I knew veterans were running was by their bib-it was a redish color and mine was black.  Oh well.

Runners waiting for the start
the finish line was the start too
The course was 3 loops around Piedmont Park.  Not exactly exciting-its a course I run every week-but I will say the loops ran a different way than I usually take them-and it wasn’t easy.  My plan was to take it easy after pushing it at RNR Savannah.  Too bad my type-A self doesn’t really know how to do that in a race.  I pushed.  Probably too hard.  I was just ready for the race to be over.  I finally started to catch some run/walkers that were still on their second loop while on my third loop.  That gave me something to focus on. 

I did finally find someone to talk to and push me at the last mile.  A man turned to me and asked me to keep pushing him and I said the same.  The last loop was a bit disorganized and we had to pause and ask which way to go.  There wasn’t a sign or explanation-just a random volunteer asking if it was our last lap.  And I am pretty sure some people cheated-seeing as I passed/looped them on the course walking and they finished not long after me…never quite understood the benefit of cheating in a race.

and according to my map, miles 3 and 5 were the same loop.  Interesting.

My garmin finish was 54:54.  Not bad for my first 11K.

I picked up my medal at the VIP area.

Yes, that is the VIP area.  Donuts and coffee.  VERY glad I got this through schwaggle.  I would’ve been pissed had I paid the full amount for this race.  They did have a table with bananas, cookies and water for everyone.  Not much different than the VIP area in my opinion.

post race stuff
yes it was actually cold on Friday–me post race at the finish

The medal is actually cool and I was surprised they included a pin with the shirt.

After much negative feedback, the organizers finally posted on FB that the results would be up this week.  I think I did well–had there been awards I am pretty sure I would’ve won one.

Not sure I would run this one again-the race organizers need some help.  Loved the medal and the concept, just not the disorganization.

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