Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m already in the holiday spirit.  I wish I could put my tree up now…but I will wait till after Thanksgiving.  This week I signed up for Kim’s Holiday Card Exchange.  I’m excited to do this because I don’t really send cards.  I don’t have kids or animal to share on a cute shutterfly-esque card so I stopped sending them years ago.  Is that bad?  I just think people appreciate the picture ones more.  BUT at least I can send something out this year to strangers. :):)
2.  I looked at my training schedule for Goofy this week and I am now a bit overwhelmed.  Holy lots of miles. And so here begins the double run weekends.  I have been avoiding them and told myself after Savannah.  Start after Savannah.  Because I am captain of the Disney team, I often run with different groups and don’t always get to train with the Goofy Challenge group.  So this weekend is supposed to be 12,8.  I am going to run to the 11K race tomorrow and then run home plus add a mile in somewhere on the way home.  That will get me to 12.  I am scheduled to run with the marathon team on Saturday and they are doing 8 so it works out perfectly.  

3.  WW update.  I have officially lost 3 lbs.  Last week was a big jump and then this week I gained .4 lbs.  I am guessing it was from eating and drinking this weekend.  Oh well.  It happens.  I am still excited for my 3 lbs–I haven’t lost a pound in what seems like years.  The points system is really easy to follow. I feel like I have tons of extra points for exercising…but I guess I still overdid it this weekend.  I am learning its much harder to eat out and track and WW almost forces you to stay in and eat….which is also great for my wallet!

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  • Signed up for holiday card exchange as well. 11k- never raced that distance before— except for Ragnar legs I guess.
    Congrats on the 3lbs- just in time for holidays 🙂

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