Three Things Thursday

1.  Sports massages make everything better.  Seriously.  If you don’t get them, you should.  I have a race ritual that I get one every Wednesday before a race.  Will (massage therapist) works out every little ache and kink in my body.  I highly recommend.  Although, my non-running friends always comment, “how nice” when in all actuality its not exactly relaxing.  Painful is a better way to describe it, in a good way. 🙂

2.  Thank you for all of your comments on my post about big vs. small races.  It seems we are all in the same mind set.  Very interesting.  Too bad Competitor doesn’t read my blog and take note, right?

3.  It looks like I will be seeing several of you (more than once) next year.  YAY!!!  I love this blogging community.  I am also leaning more towards skipping Big Sur, although I may change my mind in March when it gets a little closer.  And to answer the west coast question….I hate to even put it out there but I would love, love, love to do Portland.  Again, finances.  I have GOT to be responsible.  But that would be my long term goal for the fall.  Cross your fingers for big tax returns and bonus checks. :):)

3.5.  I am excited about Rock ’n’ Roll Savannah this weekend!  TNT is sending over 300 runners which is really awesome.  For this reason, my outfit won’t be very exciting.  Duty calls and I must wear purple.  My original plan was to just run for fun but a friend of mine suggested to push it after coming off of such a big marathon.  So I figured why not.  We will just see what happens.  I am excited to see some blogger friends, half fanatics, my family, TNTers, and my best friend Bradley and her husband John.  Big, big weekend.

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  • I am so jealous you are running Savannah. Seriously, my entire running group is running the full and I think Track Shack (my training program) is sending a couple hundred. Plus, pretty much every blogger I know is running it. Good luck!

    Does Bradley or her husband run?

  • I love sports massages & you're right – they're more painful than relaxing. AND have fun in Savannah!! =D I should have kept my hotel room and just cheered everyone on. Whoops. Have a great race!!

  • Everyone is running this race…I mean everyone. I thought about it but the drive is too long for me. That would qualify as a vacation.

    I recently started scheduling sports massages. I had a recovery massage after the Atlanta Marathon and I have one set for a week prior to my 50K. I can't bring myself to do ice baths so I'll substitute post-race massages and compression socks!

  • I LOVE sport massages as well, but I always have them 2 days after a race. This helps me to be able to go up/down stairs again 🙂

    Good luck this weekend!! I'm sure you crush your current half marathon PR 🙂

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