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Decisions.  Decisions.  Decisions.

2011 is winding down and I have Rock ’n’ Roll Savannah this weekend, the Veterans Day 11K next Friday and the Atlanta 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving.

I will admit I am looking forward (okay, very much looking forward) to completing the Goofy Challenge and then taking a TNT break.  I love the organization and my friends but I think my schedule needs a break.  Selfish?  I hope not.  I have trained for 3 consecutive seasons (2 years) with TNT and given up almost every Saturday to run with the group.  I want to spend some time just racing on my own, sleeping in when I want, doing some local 5K and 10K’s.

I am also struggling with repeating states and races.  My running buddies here are very good at “race peer pressure” and I have loved the races they want to repeat (Big Sur and Wineglass).  But is it financially responsible?  Is it smart to repeat the race and state when I have so many I want to do?

Goofy Challenge (January 7-8th).  Lord what have I gotten myself into.  This is all “paid” or shall I say fundraised for.  Hotel, flight and race.  Done.  Now my body will just need to run a 1/2 marathon and a full the next day.  Easy peasy, right?  (registered)
ING Miami 1/2 Marathon (January 29th).  I signed up for this race back in March at the Publix 1/2 marathon expo.  The race was only $55 and I figured it would be my FL race (I had no original plans to do Disney this year-although it is on my bucket list so I will be glad to have it checked off).  This race is known for its awesome bling-I’m excited to add it to my collection.  Hotel is booked and this race is going to end up being a bit more expensive than planned but I’ve never been to Miami and I know it will be fun. (registered)

Mercedes 1/2 Marathon (February 12th).  My friend Rob has a condo in Birmingham and I could stay for free.  The race is only $60 and I can drive.  I have completed AL, but this blog is about the bling and I am pretty sure this is necessary for my collection.

Rock ’n’ Roll New Orleans 1/2 Marathon (March 4th).  This will be my 3rd year running this race.  I hope to always run it.  New Orleans is a home away from home (Mobile home) and it’s an easy drive for my family to come watch too. I’m using hotel points to pay for the room and will drive. (registered)
GA Publix 1/2 Marathon (March 18th). Another repeater race but it’s at home in Atlanta and easy to do.  I got in for $25 I think right after last years race. (registered)
North Carolina 1/2 Marathon (March 25th). I NEED this medal.  This race is in (outside of) Charlotte and easily drivable.  I think I can get a pretty decent hotel deal.  I haven’t signed up yet but the race fees go up from $65 to $75 on November 15th.
Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon (April 7th).  I saw this race after Jill posted her recap and knew I had to do it.  This would be my TN race, it is drivable and staying there is very affordable.  Did I mention it is near the Jack Daniels Distillery and the medal is a piece of an old barrel?  The fee is only $50.  I plan on registering soon.

Big Sur Marathon (April 29th) I panicked and registered for this race before it sold out (see above peer pressure).  I am already debating it.  I would love to run the “real” course since I had to run the adjusted one after the mudslide last year.  This is a big financial commitment for me too.  If I go, it will be a vacation again like last year. (registered)

And that is all I have.  There are SO MANY I want to do.  My other drivable races have already been planned in my head.  South Carolina will be Kiawah or the Myrtle Beach Mini hopefully in 2012.  If I could squeeze another in March I may do Run the Blue Grass in KY.  I will wait till 2013 to do the Mississippi Blues race for MS (same weekend as Goofy).

I have to really consider finances for 2012 and be responsible.  I know I spent more than I had planned this year because I signed up for races before the thought of even buying a condo was in my head.  I need to get my debt paid off, do the drivable races that I can and then see where I am late spring.  I hope to be able to add more as the year goes on.  I will obviously need SOMETHING for the fall, right?

Will I see you at any of these races?  Would you repeat some races or not?  

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  • for repeat races i think it depends on the distance. I will have repeated 3 races this year- Nashville Women's 1/2, Tennessee Ragnar, and 5 mile turkey trot back home. Big Sur would be iffy- yes you registered, but how much is it to fly out there, stay, and enjoy the time while you're there. I'm finding it hard currently to do a race schedule bc there are so many races I want to do, but the state is crossed off the list, so unless its doable with driving, I nix it until i'm closer to my conquest.

  • The Mercedes bling looks awesome! Also, the JD run will be pretty sweet. Your collection is going to be so impressive! How do you display it?

    For Fall, any races out West of interest?

  • I started to plan my 2012 and my goal is to run 5 out of state races. I have registered for Little Rock on MArch 4 and still need to figure out the other states 🙂 No marathon for me next year, but I'm planning on doing Goofy 2013!! Can't wait to hear what you think about Goofy 🙂

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