Piriformis and a DNS

I’ve missed yall!  I accidently left my computer at P’s house on Sunday and haven’t had a chance to do my race report (all pics/data on this computer) but I promise it is coming.

A few things to update you on and get your opinions…

 I ended up in quite a bit of pain after the race on Thursday.  I ended up skipping my scheduled Goofy runs and took off the rest of the week–it hurt my HBBC points but listening to my body is a must.  I did the stationary bike and weights Monday and attempted a short run yesterday.  Very minimal pain with 3 miles–which was great news.  I still went back to my physical therapist today to be safe.  He said its all hip issues (again).

Yes, I will admit.  I slacked and I knew it.  He said being a female (and getting older) will always be an issue with the hips.  The good news is I can keep training and only have to go back for a few weeks. He literally jabs his elbow in my ass (piriformis) and it hurts so good.  My IT band was/is very tight but it hasn’t started hurting-which is more good news.

I am thinking about not going to Miami anymore.  I am not the type to sign up and not finish a race.  I actually don’t know if I have ever done it.  But, I signed up for Miami back in March.  Long before I had plans to buy a condo and before I decided to do Disney.  I only spent $55 on the entry and the cost just for flight and hotel in Miami will be around $1300.  That doesn’t include food/entertainment/race stuff/etc.  I could possible switch to flying in on Saturday but that would still be $1000.  I think the responsible thing to do is skip–especially since I will have completed FL 3 weeks earlier.  I still have some credit card debt and plenty I want to do to my house.  I am planning on several drivable, affordable races for the spring in new states too.  Thoughts???

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