Oh the Pain

I have been bad.  And I know it.

I think my life has been in such a rush lately that I have neglected my ice baths, hip exercises, and foam roller way too much and my piriformis is screaming at me again.  I started to notice it a few weeks ago and began the foam rolling process but it was too late.


The pain really crept in on my 18 mile run on Saturday.  As part of TNT we run “assigned” routes that may not have the most perfect roads.  I think that running on uneven surfaces for so long really did me in.  I used the stick and foam rolled when I finished and went about my day hoping that I would be okay.

Since we are in the middle of Goofy training I was also scheduled to run a 6 mile run on Sunday.  P and I ran together and I could feel the pain in every single step.  Not good.  I made a massage appointment for Monday and hoped for the best.

I felt okay after the massage.  Will hit all the spots, I biofreezed, took advil, went to bed and woke up pain free.  Heck yes.

Until tonights run.  The pain slowly started back around mile 3 of my 4.5 (cut it short by 1/2 a mile to be safe).

Hoping I can get through the 1/2 marathon on Thursday okay.

Looks like I am calling my physical therapist next week to see what can be done.

Lesson learned.  Don’t slack on your hip exercises, foam rolling and icing.  Just because you feel okay doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue with preventative work.


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