Dear Santa…

Can you believe it’s that time of year already?? Santa has asked for my list and I wanted to share some of it with you in case you need ideas for your runner loved ones (or ideas for yourself).  I am not going to repeat last years list here (lululemon, zensah, allied medal hanger, joyful bath co) and here (things I have but recommend garmin, stick, Runners World,etc ) but check them out for additional ideas.

You would think I would have everything I could possibly want for running, right?  No way Jose.  While most of my list to Santa is for my house (sigh, part of being a grown up) I have a few extras that I would like for running.
110% Play Harder:  You all know that I love to take ice baths and I try and ice regularly.  But I am a girl on the go and this seems like a great solution to my non-stop life.  They are a bit pricey and I am not sure what length I would want.  The full tights are awesome but at $250 a pop that doesn’t seem reasonable.  The knickers are $150 and the shorts $110.  Again, not cheap, but compression and ice at the same time.  Sweet. My newest love of the year.  So many patterns, so many choices.  Their arm warmers are quite fabulous too.  I prefer the athletic skirt with the compression shorts in them (sadly, no matter how small I am, my thighs will always touch).  I think the white paisley or black paisley is super cute and so is the super star.  After much debate, I believe a size 3…hint, hint Santa.  
Erica Sara Designs:  I am not one to wear a lot of jewelry.  I own a few classic pieces that I wear often.  But I would like a necklace from Erica Sara.  She makes awesome race bling and it’s custom made for you.  I would love to have a necklace with Wineglass Marathon and RNR Savannah on them-this year was my PR year and a great year in running and it would be cool to see a necklace with both race details on it.  Maybe the disc with one race on each side?  And with the “because I can” long charm? If you ran NY or are planning to-she has great bling for that as well.
I think that a few stocking stuffer ideas would be GU’s (really want to try peanut butter but always use lemon-lime), NUUN (fruit punch, grape), and Sweatybands.  I love all three of these things.
Again, my list from last year has great selections-you can never go wrong with Lululemon or a gift card to your local running store but I think these are some great additions to the 2011 list.

What are you asking Santa for this year?  Did I miss any of your must haves?  

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