Wineglass Marathon Race Recap Part 2

Marathon #3
State #11

Pre Race/Start
I was up and dressed and ready to go by 6:00.  Unfortunately it was raining.  STILL.  I luckily had a throwaway jacket and bought throwaway pants (on Saturday after realizing how cold it was going to be) and had a garbage bag to help with the cold, wind and rain.  I believe it was around 36-40 degrees when I left the hotel. I left my phone in the room because I didn’t want it ruined and I didn’t want the added weight.  Rob and I headed to the buses (3 blocks from hotel) where they had breakfast.  I purchased a $5 ticket and had my choice of of 3 between a bagel, muffin, water, coffee, juice, apple, banana.  Perfect.  I brought a Justin’s peanut butter pack along and was able to still have my usual on the bus ride out to the start.  I was next to a girl that was super speedy trying to BQ with the new times.  She needed a 3:30.  I realized on the bus that I somehow forgot my pace bands…not good.

We were dropped off at the Philips factory in Bath, NY.  I was supposed to meet Jeff and Lisa by the building but it was chaos. I was originally very nervous about the quality of the race because there were only 2 port-o-potties.  I hiked up to the woods because the line was insane and popped a squat.  Turns out the start was moved up this year and the buses dropped us in the wrong spot.  So I had to hustle and walk about 1/2 mile up to the right area.  Still no signs of Jeff or Lisa (panicking).  As I was walking up the race announcer said they were pushing the start 15 minutes or so because of start line confusion.  I found the real port-o-potties and went one more time and luckily ran into Jeff and Lisa.  Jeff was going to pace me and I knew I would need it without the pace bands.

Mile 1-13.1

Our goal was negative splits.  The race was a small race so there weren’t corrals and we started between the 4:00 and 4:30 pace group.  We started out nice and easy and just warmed up.  I was able to rip my garbage bag off after a mile or so-it was hard to run in and I was already really warm and knew that I was just going to get wet.  The throwaway jacket was lost around mile 3.  
the start-pics borrowed from Wineglass Facebook page
another view of the start

It was honestly hard to enjoy the scenery because of the rain.  I was constantly watching for puddles to avoid my shoes being soaked any more than necessary.  We ran through several different little towns, all very cute, with lots of local spectators.  We hit the only “hill” around mile 5-6 or so but it was nothing compared to what I am used to.  The first 1/2 honestly went by quickly and I don’t remember much of the details (thank you rain) other than walking the water stops, taking a GU at an hour in and a salt packet around mile 10.  Jeff stopped around mile 12 to use the bathroom and we knew there would be a stop for me and Lisa at the half marathon point (at the high school).  We had a plan to meet up at mile 14.  After picking a port-o-pottie with a hole in the bottom of it (almost fell in) and a broken lock and having someone open the door on me mid pee and attempting to pull up soaking wet clothes…I was off.  Time to find Jeff.

Miles 13.1-22
Lisa was telling me to slow down and not try to catch him all in one mile.  I looked at my watch and knew I had some catching up to do and honestly, felt great (minus being soaked).  Jeff had told me as long as we were at the 1/2 at 2 hours we would be okay.  But I had stopped for the bathroom, so I had to speed it up.  Jeff also said save your ipod till the 1/2 way point to pump you up (I was also worried about ruining another ipod in the rain) so I put it on and away I went.  I ended up leaving Lisa and again, forgetting most of my surroundings and scenery; they were the least of my concerns.  I was so focused on Jeff and the puddles that the course is kind of a blur.  Well, I did notice the beautiful leaves changing and several old, pretty barns, but that is it.

Borrowed from Wineglass FB page, these were along the course to keep you on track

I kept thinking I would catch Jeff at a water stop but he never stopped to walk them.  So, I didn’t either–each GU was taken while running-no walking at all.  I knew he was holding the pace and I had nothing but the math in my head (which is always iffy) to get me to the right time so I just kept pushing to catch him.  Each mile I got closer and closer and just focused on picking out runners to pass.  I think it finally stopped raining around mile 18.  The damage was definitely done though.  I was soaking wet and freezing and my shoes were full of water but I just wanted to keep pushing.  I started to realize at mile 20 or so that I hadn’t hit the wall.  I usually do at this point but I felt pretty good.  I was shocked.  All I could think about was my goal and I was realizing that if I could maintain this pace, I would do it.

Miles 23-26.2
Only a few miles to go.  I was still passing people.  I felt great considering how far I had already gone.  We were getting closer to Corning so there were more spectators and that really helped keep me distracted.  We ran through a park and through several little neighborhoods and one of the last water stops even had coke.  I don’t drink sodas anymore so I didn’t want to risk it but I thought that was awesome!  I finally caught Jeff at mile 25.  It hit me around that point that my watch was off on the mileage.  I had forgotten I pulled off course for the bathroom and I am sure made wider turns to avoid puddles and I had further to go than what my watch said.  I knew it would be close to a sub 4.  All I remember was Jeff saying, “Go, go, go!” and I did.  I swear it was a sign, I heard “All the Above” and “All I do is Win”(both Auburn songs) and I knew I could do it.  I was almost in tears as I made the turn onto the final stretch to the finishers chute.  I was watching my watch and hoped it was right and that the clock at the finish wasn’t.

They were able to catch me-looking happy, I know.

finish line and chute

Race Results

Luckily my watch was closer to being right. 🙂  I did it!!! In terrible conditions.  A 19 minute PR and a sub 4 hour marathon.  I couldn’t be happier.  
The placing results may change because there was a mistake with some of the runners showing as DNF or DNS.  It should all be adjusted soon but I know my time is right.
Garmin Results
Mile 9 was a salt stop, Mile 14 was bathroom. Pretty happy with splits.  A little off but not too bad.

perfect course for a PR
Post Race
Rob and Ryan (both did the 1/2) met me at the finish.  I was the first one to finish out of our group.  I grabbed my medal and mylar wrap and immediately realized how cold it was outside.  My lips were turning purple.  The finish party was moved to a parking deck to stay dry but was awesome!!  Chicken noodle soup, pizza, cookies, water, gatorade, string cheese, fruit, bagels, chocolate milk (sadly it was gone by the time I finished).  I grabbed soup, pizza, and a cookie and ate it quickly.  I had to get to a warm shower.  So I hobbled back to the hotel.  I wish I would’ve taken an ice bath, but I was too cold at the time.  I instead rushed to get ready so we could go eat lunch and drink. 

drenched and freezing, but ecstatic 
hard to see all of the stuff but it was fabulous!
I think everyone was freezing
We met up with everyone at the bar and I enjoyed a burger and some bloody marys.  Yes it was the afternoon but that is all that sounded good.  I just couldn’t do beer.  And apparently my friends wanted me to have a good time and celebrate because they ordered me doubles all day.  I was so tired I didn’t realize…oops 🙂  At least it was fun!  I will admit, I was exhausted and  I was asleep by 9 pm.  
post race treat
Post-Post Race
We got up early and drove to the wineries.  Part of the drive was the course reversed, and I then realized how far 26.2 miles really is.  We had time for 3 wineries before having to head to the airport to get home.  Definitely not Napa, but we still had fun and I replenished my stash.

me, Rob, Julie, Ryan
Sub 4
town (each store had special deals for marathoners)
post race food
I could go on and on
Not so much:
hotel (needed a major make over and was WAY overpriced)
The Bling:
This medal is equal, if not better than, Big Sur.  I love it.  It is handmade by a local artist and its glass.  Super cool.  I love that the lanyard also has the race name on it.  I also love that the 1/2 finishers had a different color to distinguish between the 2 races.  
love, love, love.
one of the best race shirts too.  Will admit the champagne split wasn’t so great.
Final thoughts.  I think I am still in shock/denial that I did it.  Maybe it will hit me when someone asks me my marathon PR?  Either way I absolutely loved this race.   I felt stronger than I have ever felt and didn’t struggle like I had in previous marathons.  I can’t say enough about the town, the volunteers, the course, etc.  I would highly recommend this race to anyone and everyone.  I think I am starting to realize small, local races are better than the big ones.  At least this one was.  I believe registration for next year opens December 1st… 
If you read this entire thing, thanks for sticking around :):)

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  • Again, CONGRATS!! What an amazing time 🙂

    I hardly remember the course either, but I do know it would be beautiful course to run in sunny weather. The leaves started to look really beautiful! I definitely prefer small races 🙂

  • huge huge congrats!!! you make me want to actually run a marathon (and right now I don't have the strongest desire)

    In response to what you wrote on my blog- no he doesn't read mine, no idea if he knows about NOW, but was very much aware of highschool. Guess its time for me to get strong!

  • The race sounds almost as good as all the food porn from part 1! You ran an amazing race and you should be sooooo proud of yourself!!! Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about RLRF now? Going to stick with it, or not?

  • WOW!!! This was honestly the first race post I've ever read that gave me goose bumps! It was very well written!! I felt like I was with you the entire time and cheering you along!!!

    YAY!!! sounded like you had my chaotic Seattle start but still managed to ROCK it!! Am so proud of you!

    I can't believe you had time to take a pit stop at the bathrooms and still finished SUB 4!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! You're MY Rock Idol!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see you in Savannah!!!!!!!

    Again, congrats on a run well done!!!!!

  • Nice job Elizabeth! I'm so happy for you! This definitely looks like a good race to make a tradition out of. Who could complain about a marathon in wine country? Nice reward after months of training and a long race. The bling could turn into quite a collection, too, over the years if they keep up with local artists.

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