Wineglass Marathon Race Recap Part 1

I signed up for the Wineglass marathon months ago.  Honestly, I think it was before I even ran Big Sur.  My friend (and TNT coach) Lisa and her boyfriend Jeff had both run the race and said it was a must do.  So there were 8 TNT alums that headed to upstate NY for the race.
Rob, Ryan, and Julie in Downtown Corning.  Loved that the leaves were changing!
Downtown Corning

Rob, Ryan, Julie and myself had a little time on Friday before the expo opened up so we went to the Glass Museum.  The race was held in Corning, NY so if you are guessing home of Corningware, you are correct.  Which is why there is a glass museum.  It came recommended as something fun to do.  Well, this girl didn’t exactly think looking at glass was fun.  The only cool thing was watching a live demonstration of a glass pumpkin being made.  Seriously, other than that, nada.  I could care less about the history of glass.  We literally finished in an hour or so and headed to the expo early.

My other favorite at the glass museum-glass eyeballs 🙂
demo of the glass pumpkin

As I was walking in the expo I bumped right into Christine.  It was great to meet her in person!

The expo at the Corning Y 
Me & Christine 
the expo-packet pickup to the right and shopping to the left

The expo was small, but well organized.  Rob and I went to dinner at a steak restaurant and headed home pretty early.

Saturday we all got up and went for a short 1 mile run to keep the legs loose and grab breakfast.  It had started to sprinkle and was cold…I just continued to hope that it would stay like this and not get worse (pretty sure I checked my weather app on my phone no less than 100 times that day).  I enjoyed carbing up with a homemade cinnamon bread french toast.

delish!  I also treated myself to a homemade pumpkin donut. carbs, right?

We walked back to hotel stopping in a few shops along the way and then spent the day enjoying college football.  We had reservations at a restaurant that was serving an all you can eat pasta dinner buffet for the runners (that was surprisingly good) and watched the Tigers win!  

For some reason the pumpkin was Dolly P…I was thankful for the welcome!
If you have seen the video from my hometown, Mobile, you can appreciate this 🙂
Pasta with Chicken and a meatball.  Because I could. 🙂

We were back to the hotel by 7:30.  I set all of my stuff out for the race and set the alarm for 5:30 am.  I think I finally fell asleep at 9:30 or 10.  Since the course was a point-to-point we had to catch a bus out to the start and I wanted to have plenty of time.  

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