Three Things Thursday

Thanks for all of your positive comments on yesterdays post!

1.  Today I signed up for 2 more races.  Huge deal for Atlanta peeps on Schwaggle today-a discount for the 11-11-11 Veterans day 11K run.  I got in for $18 instead of $44 (I also have an active advantage membership that helps with more discounts).  I then paid an additional $11 for VIP treatment that includes a medal and food.   This will automatically be a PR because I have never run an 11K race.

I also signed up for my last 1/2 marathon of the year, The Atlanta Thanksgiving Day 1/2.  This will put me at 7 1/2’s for the year and a new Half Fanatic Status.  Uranus is 8-11 1/2 marathons in 365 days and I did RNR Vegas last December and I will use that as my 365 day counting cycle.

Atlanta Track Club tweeted a sneak peek pic at this years shirt.  

I’m excited about finally running the turkey day 1/2 in Atlanta.  I volunteered 2 years ago and went home to AL last year so this is my first opportunity to do it.  FYI, if you are planning on running it, the price goes up after October 31st.

2.  I also signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge again this year that Amanda at Run to the Finish puts on.  I highly recommend it too!!  I did it last year and really helped keep my eating right and exercising in check during the holiday season.

3.  Tonight is the TNT Disney Team Recommitment Party!  This is the “no turning back” moment for TNT’ers and I think an exciting time to celebrate our fundraising efforts and why we train.  The team fundraiser that I am in charge of is next Sunday and I hope it is a huge success!  (Atlanta followers-it will be at Fado at 3:30).

Are any of you signed up for the 11-11-11 run in your city?  Are you doing the HBBC with Amanda?  

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