Running Naked

No, No, No, Not THAT kind of running.

I got plenty of twitter comments from saying I ran naked on Thursday.  I believe most of my runner followers know what I mean…

Garmin-less.  It doesn’t happen often for me.  I was in a rush and I couldn’t find my watch.  I was also sore from my training session on Wednesday so I figured why not just enjoy it at whatever pace my body feels like going.


I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.  I just enjoyed the music, focused on my form and let my thoughts wander.  I realized on the run that I am very addicted to that stop/start button.  I went to stop it at the traffic light and the water fountain.  Problem much?

I hope to do this a few times a month now.  Just enjoy the foot-to-pavement feeling.

How often do you run (garmin) naked?  If you have actually run naked, I am impressed.  I can’t imagine that feeling with my “girls”–ouch.  

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