Three Things Thursday

Race Edition!

Marathon #3 is almost here.  I kinda can’t believe it.  Corning, NY here I come!

1.  Goals.  I am incredibly nervous.  I chose this course because friends have run it before (and are running it again this year) and told me it was a fast course.  If I remember correctly (their website is down) that the average time for the Wineglass Marathon is around 4 hours while most other marathons is 4:30. So….I am shooting for:
      a.  4:00 or better
      b.  PR-beat previous time of 4:18:02
      c.  finish
My friend Jeff has offered to pace me and has run the race several times so I am looking forward to having a partner on this one.  I have my Races2Remember pace bands to help me out too.

2.  The conditions.  I haven’t felt “right” all week.  I went to the doc on Tuesday and she said I am fighting off a virus and I also think that my allergies are struggling at the moment.  I should be fine once I hit the cold weather and the ragweed/pollen is gone.  Because this is the forecast.

I am hoping, praying, crossing fingers that the 40% is wrong.  It was 0 yesterday.  Today it went to 40%.  I CANNOT run another race in the rain.  I mean, I can, I just REALLY don’t want to.  Too many months went into this.  So please cross your fingers, pray and hope for me too. 🙂  I am also clueless on the packing for the rest of the trip because it is still almost 90 here and I don’t exactly remember what 40 something degrees feels like.

3.  The outfit.  WOOT!  I love this race outfit.  I think I will be warm enough.  I am bringing a long sleeve shirt (auburn shirt I wore in Vegas) and a rain jacket to be safe.

RunningSkirts Skirt, Zensah arm & leg sleeves,  Raw Threads AU shirt, Auburn Hat & long sleeve AU shirt (to be safe)

Who else is racing this weekend? Good Luck!!

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