Three Things Thursday

1.  Did you watch the Biggest Loser this week? I have tuned in and out of the show for years, not really watching a full season.  I wanted to watch because Dolvett is from Atlanta and I have heard he is an ass-kicker…and he was on the BL too.  He was awesome.  Anna, on the other hand, was not.  I don’t think she will make it past this season.

 I’ve always been a little disturbed that they have these people running a marathon like it is something to be taken lightly.  I get that it is a great goal, fitness, etc. but I don’t think it is safe for someone who was almost 400 lbs to do this within a few months.  I have seen some of the finishers walk it and take their time, but it seems this year they now have  a goal to be the fastest.  The “winner” will automatically be in the finale.  That just seems dangerous to me. Especially since every contestant, including the ones kicked off, can come back–and who knows if they will be training properly.  I wonder if they actually educate them on mileage build up, rest days, fueling, and pacing.  Very interesting.

2.  I had ready about the Zombie Run and was hoping it would make its way here. They announced they are coming here but…sadly, they say its in Atlanta but its actually almost 2 hours away.  FYI, that is NOT Atlanta.  I had hoped to still do it but it is the same weekend as RNR New Orleans and seeing that I will ALWAYS do this race and I have already signed up for it, Zombies aren’t an option.  Oh well.  Maybe it will be here again in 2013 (doesn’t that seem like forever away??).

3.  My Tigers lost this past weekend and that is okay.  I knew it was going to be a rough year.  I am not a fair weather fan and love them regardless. I am very excited that this weekend is finally a night game and I can go (I have Saturday morning obligations with TNT and can only miss a certain number of trainings).  It isn’t a big game, but I get to head to the “loveliest village on the plains” and celebrate my favorite football traditions with some of my favorite people.  Woohoo!!

Anyone racing this weekend?  I know Becca is…good luck on your 50 mile race!!  You will rock it!  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a FREE RACE ENTRY!

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  • I had the same thought in regards to the marathon when I watched The Biggest Loser. A marathon is a great way to loose weight but I'm also worried they might do it too soon. Let's hope they get monitored closely. Btw, Dolvett did kick ass and is not bad looking either 🙂

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