Three Things Thursday

1.  This weekend is my last long run before I taper for Wineglass Marathon.  Part of me doesn’t feel ready.  I don’t know why. I rocked my speed work and my mid week tempo run (thanks to amazing weather).  I guess its just nerves.  I can’t believe it is almost October!!

2.  Speaking of October…and NY…I’m super excited because 2 weeks after I get back from upstate NY for the marathon I will be heading to the City for my first non-running vacation in almost 2 years (AMEN).  I am so excited!!  Flights and hotel are booked.  Now just to come up with tons of things to do…so I would love restaurant, shopping and Broadway suggestions if you have them.  The last time I was in NYC was 4 years ago and it was only for a long weekend.  This will be Wednesday-Sunday and it will be during my birthday week.  Maybe that’s why I just want the marathon to get here and be over…

3.  Smoothies have become my new favorite thing.  I had one this weekend and loved it…so I decided I should actually put the hand blender I purchased from CSN (after a blog win a few months ago) to use.  Where in the world have I been??  So many of you have posted different recipes and I have just read about them.  Well,  now I am hooked and I have to go back and find your recipes!  I love that I can get a veggie serving and usually 2-4 fruits in 1 glass.  And they fill me up (add protein and flax).  I’m using up the last of my chocolate protein and its not very good-any other suggestions out there?

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!!

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