Three Things Thursday

1.  I must admit I wrote my Park City Recap while I attempted survived my first overnight babysitting experience.  That is why it may seem a little choppy and missing things (thanks Alma-I added the bling pictures-how could I forget??).  And to Becca-the point of the runningskirts chick was at the bottom of the post-she flipping got 2nd place female!!  I give the skirt all the credit and it justifies why I will buy my orange polka dot one. 🙂

2.  Yes.  I overnight babysat.  For a 5 year and 2 year old.  Holy eye opening experience.  I “bartered” with my coworker/good friend and her husband.  He helped with the tv installation in my home and I in turn have been/will be babysitting a few times for them.  Let’s just say I won’t forget a pill anytime soon if you know what I mean.  I really enjoy sleeping in on Sundays and watching the tv shows I want to watch.  That is not an option.  It was hard but fun at the same time.  Maybe hard isn’t the right word…a lot of work sounds better.    I love those little kiddos though like they are my own so I guess everything they do is still cute to me.  But mad props to all you mamas out there.  Especially if you do it on your own.  How in the world do you manage children, work, and keeping up with your running???  Hopefully one day I will find out 🙂

3.  I got my pics back from Park City.  Ouch.  NOT cute.  I like to order at least one from each race (in hopes of one day making an album) but not sure which one to get….they took 16 and here are my fav’s (and that’s not saying much)-which one would you get??

These pics sparked an idea for my next post….race day outfits!  Hope yall are having a good week!!

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