A Running Fashion Show

I may have mentioned it on here before, but most of you may not know that my major was apparel merchandising in college.  I LOVE fashion.  If I had all the money in the world I would shop, shop, shop and shop some more.  Okay, okay, maybe I would run and travel and do charity work too…

When I first started running I had no idea how important it was to have a cute, fun race day outfit.  I love/loved my out-and-about wardrobe but I didn’t think twice about running clothes.  I didn’t even know they could be cute and functional all at the same time.  I have learned that women take their running outfits very seriously.  I know I have been looked up and down at a race and my running outfits have been judged come on, you know you have done it.  Races are very much a running fashion show.

In my first race I was very basic and boring in my Nike..but I did add a splash of War Eagle with my bondi band.  Needless to say it was hard for my family to find me at this race…

tempo shorts are the WORST shorts.  I was so self conscious to even wear just the tights!  (yes, tights under the shorts)

I have also had my fair share of TNT races and supported the cause.  Let me just say that singlet is not flattering (and lets be honest, boring).  I love me some TNT but I have to say I will only wear that thing to big TNT supported events (i.e. GA Publix, RNR Savannah) and races when I am fundraising.
With Lululemon shorts but still UNFLATTERING
Lululemon skirt but again, no waistline

I’ve also gone for the “fun” costume and worn tutu’s…not at all flattering either but lots of fun, lots of attention, and lots of cheers along the course.
yes, cute but…
not flattering

I recently made the mistake of just packing a running shirt and my lululemon skirt and throwing it on (apparently without looking in the mirror) in my last race and it was a major fail.  I knew I wanted to wear something ATL based and something purple for TNT (and quite frankly didn’t have the $$ for anything new).  But I don’t think just grabbing and going was the answer…No form, no fit and definitely not flattering.
blah and boring

I somehow managed to get it right a time or two by planning ahead of time.  Granted there have been some bad outfits in between these races, but these worked!

Love that me and Allison planned and matched!  
RunningSkirts skirt is awesome!  Paired with Lululemon Tank
The lesson here?  If you care that much about how your memories will be captured and what you will look like on race day….

1.  Have high quality running clothes
2.  Try on before the race and if necessary, snap a few pics!
3.  Have options and ask for opinions
4.  DON’T just grab anything out of your running clothes drawer

I have found my favorite brands to be Lululemon and RunningSkirts.com.  They both seem to fit me well and hold up nicely.

I hope to have another cute Auburn outfit for Wineglass Marathon (think orange skirt I have been eyeing).  But…I will be wearing my TNT singlet for Disney and for RNR Savannah(no choice for these).

Do you think your race outfits are fashionable?  Do you care? How much do you plan for your race day outfit?  Do you ever wear the same thing?  Or do you like to buy new?  If you do buy new, how do you afford it? 🙂 What are some of your favorite brands?

*this post was obviously geared toward the ladies…sorry guys!

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  • I LOVE wearing skirts. I've worn my cheetah print from runningskirts.com twice and both times I received tons more appraise from the crowd- it definitely helps 🙂

  • Cracks me up – I feel the exact same way about Tempo shorts. EXTREMELY unflattering. I never wear those except to train in, or when I'm having angry PMS/water retention days. Love the Lululemon stuff but I'm so cheap when it comes to things I can only wear once before washing…

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