I’ve Got My Eye On You

Yes Brooks Pure Projects.  I’m talking to YOU.

I am a lover of Brooks Running Shoes.  They have been my go-to running shoe for the 2 (of 3) years I have been running.

 I have a pair of Newtons that I still have not adjusted to (I am always training for something and no time to adjust) and would love to work on my foot strike and have a lighter shoe to train in.  I also have a pair of Vibrams that I am too scared to run in for fear of injury (again, always training).  I just don’t think totally barefoot is for me.

So Brooks is launching their latest line on 10/1.  Yes THIS weekend.  The Pure Project.  They have done an amazing job marketing this new line (in my humble opinion) and have been giving away a pair in certain cities across the country.  They were in Atlanta on Friday and I waited for the facebook post to try and get to the “hidden spot” but wasn’t fast enough.  I was on the other side of town (and sadly they were a mile from my house).  They are also giving away pairs on facebook to followers who pictures of why they deserve them…maybe that should be my approach?  In addition to this it seems that some runners did get a pair early and have been hyping the shoe on twitter for well over a month.

More about the Pure Project line.  They are basically a light weight option that still has some support.  There are several different types:

1.  PureConnect– the lightest shoe in the line, extended Toe Flex for incredible flexibility, open mesh upper keeps it breezy, Nav Band provides close-to-foot fit

2.  PureFlow– Lightweight with cushioning, Wide Toe Flex empowers big toe, Air mesh for breathability, Nav Band provides a locked-in fit

3.  PureCadence– light, bendy and breezy, reinforced heel counter secures foot, Internal PDRB naturally guides foot, Nav Band locks into midsole for extra assurance

4.  PureGrit (more for trails)- Wide, one-piece outsole for balance, intuitive lug pattern creates optimal traction, conforming foam and open mesh upper, Nav Band hugs the foot.

They are all really cool.  There is much more information on Brooks’ website here.  I am not sure which style is quite right for me yet but I want a pair.  I NEED a pair.  My birthday is coming up.  Perhaps Brooks wants to send me a pair?  I will be a fabulous spokesperson.  Or maybe a family member will do Oh yeah, I wear a 9.5 if anyone wants to be so kind.  🙂

Have any of you pre-ordered these? If so, which one and why?  Suggestions on which ones would be the best fit (if you know more about these please let me know)?

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