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I’m FINALLY answering your questions from this post.’s my 200th blog post!!  Kinda fitting to answer them now, right?

Yes, this has taken me forever to answer.  I didn’t forget about you.  Courtney wanted pics of my house and instead of doing a different post I wanted to wait till I had a few more pieces in my home.

1.  From Christine:  When did you start running and why?
        I started run/walking to lose weight during college and several years after that (until 2007).  I struggled with my asthma during that time and didn’t think running would ever be in the cards for me.  I found a medicine that worked wonders and kept running but only ran for exercise-I think the most I had ever run (until 2009) was 4 miles.  A previous post here explains a lot why I started running.  Of course the physical and emotional benefits are huge for me now.  I am a stronger person today because of what I have accomplished.  My first ever race (skipped the “short” ones) was a 1/2 marathon in March of 2009 and I haven’t looked back.

2.  From Courtney:  How are you liking the house?  Do we get to see pictures? 
         Ahh. I have a love/hate relationship with my house (condo).  I love that it is mine, that it has character, is in a great neighborhood, and again, is mine.  I hate that it isn’t “complete” yet and that I have to make mortgage payments.  Alas, being a grownup is tough.  🙂  I still have a ways to go on the decorating and I know it will take time but I am insanely Type A and slightly obsessed with perfection and struggle with it looking the way it does.  I want it to be perfect RIGHT NOW and that isn’t an option.  I don’t mind the mortgage really, it is just double what my rent was so gone are the days of Pure Barre, shopping and doing all of the traveling I had wanted to do.  Hello budget.  Here are a few pics.  It is a work in progress…

view from front door-pardon the computer and unwrapped lamp-it was brand new 🙂 
looking in from guest room/office into den area
my room
dining area

Pics taken from my Iphone…and missing the kitchen, bathroom, and guest room but you get the idea…I’ll share more as I add on.  But don’t hope for that till close to Christmas :):)

3.  From Stephanie:  How many races have you traveled to in the past 2 years & which were your favorites?  Whats your fuel of choice?  What do you eat the morning of a race?  Whats your favorite race you’ve ever done?
        I think I have traveled to 10 in 2 years, it will be 12 by the end of 2011.  I wish I could do more but money seems to be the biggest issue :):)  Favorites RNR New Orleans, First Light Mobile, RNR Vegas, Big Sur, and Park City.  Probably all because of the destinations.
        Fuel of choice-I eat the lemon lime caffeine free GU during races and the assorted Sports Beans too.  I never change from those 2 things.  Partly because I am scared to switch.
        Same thing every time (can’t you see I’m a creature of habit?) a bagel with peanut butter and gatorade.
       Ooh, tough one.  I love the ones I listed above.  Favorite is Big Sur.  Second favorite…RNR New Orleans.  I will go back to Nola every year for this race. And I have already signed up for Big Sur again this year.

4.  From Lisa:  What keeps you motivated to keep it up (running)?
        I think I am currently struggling with that.  I’m not sure if its burnout or just over marathon training (I’m realizing I love a 1/2 a lot more). I think I keep signing up for races to keep going.  And like I said, I am major Type A so if I set a goal, I will accomplish it.  It may take me 10 years to run all 50 states but it will happen.  Oh, and why I started the blog. THE BLING!!

Thanks for the questions!  If you have more feel free to keep them coming-I will post an answer sooner than later 🙂

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