Three Things Thursday

1.  After I finish this post, the recaps will be started!  Promise 🙂 I have loved traveling the past few weekends but I honestly can’t wait to have an entire month at home.  I can get organized (my place is still a mess), I can relax, and enjoy some college football!!

2.  I have a feeling I am about to attempt my first solo long run tomorrow.  The furthest I have ever gone on my own is 12-13 I think.  I will be attempting 20.  This shall be interesting.  How do yall do this regularly?

3.  I noticed my weekly running miles have been between 25-30 miles.  For some reason I am starting to freak out that this isn’t enough miles to be prepared for the marathon in October.  I know I still have 2 20’s to run and I know those weeks will be higher.  But I am doubting the plan and my ability to break 4 hours. Am I being crazy?

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  • My group's plan is also getting us peak at 35 miles. I'm freaking out, but everyone is telling me to "trust the plan". But a lot of what I've read says that its better to under-train than over-train.

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