Three Things Thursday

Friday edition….

1. I was going to post yesterday but I couldn’t get the Internet to work last night where I am staying in Park City. It is absolutely beautiful here. My old roommates mom invited me and a few fellow running friends to stay with her for the 1/2 marathon race weekend. It’s one of the few times I haven’t had to get a hotel for a race and it’s so nice. Not too mention it feels like going home because she is so sweet and has taken great care of us.

2. I missed out on the sale for the running skirt last week. Thanks ladies for looking out for me. I was going to buy it on Sunday and just spaced. Didn’t need to spend the money…oh well.

3. Goals for this race—push myself again. I have adjusted to the altitude with no problem. My only concern would be tired legs but I figure why not. It’s a small race (700 1/2 marathoners) and I looked at last years times and I could do well in my age group. So we will see. I’m also really excited that it’s a Saturday race. Today we are headed to Olympic park to do things you probably shouldn’t do before a race 🙂

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