Three Things Thursday

1.  I am still EXHAUSTED from last weekends trip and travel fiasco (my sister says that day deserves a post all of its own but I don’t want to bore you with my rants).  I am hoping that I can get through my runs this weekend.  I have a 18-20 miler scheduled for tomorrow and a short 3 miler with TNT on Saturday.  I am still sore today but I think that is from the personal training session I had on Tuesday.

2.  I bought this shirt last weekend even though I shouldn’t have spent the $$ at RNR Providence….

and I tried on this skirt…
and have been thinking about it ever since.  Perhaps someone wants to buy it for me???  In a size 3? No? Ok, well I tried. :):)  It would be the perfect game day race outfit!!

3.  I struggle with the race peer pressure from my friends.  I know that I really need to work on a budget with this big home purchase I have but its hard to miss out on a fun trip that I would have normally said yes to immediately in the past.  Luckily I have hotel and airline points….I’m almost scared to show you my upcoming year (yes, sadly, already planned out).  But we had plenty of time at the airport to make a spreadsheet….so we did.  I will share soon!!

Have you tried the  skirts??  Do you get race peer pressure from your running friends?

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  • I am actually the peer pressurer to my running partner. I just want to get through as many states as quickly as possible. I get excited when I see back to back possibilities to save on time and money for traveling.

    I'm a fan of running skirts- don't like the 'athletic skirts' bci feel like it falls down. Just recently purchased a triathalon skirt- they're cheaper and I always wear my own compression underneath so I figured it was the smartest option cost wise.

  • I wear Skirt Sports and love the gym girl ultra (all 3 that I have I got on sale for around $30-$40). I love the prints of Running Skirts, but am afraid to drop $68 + shipping on an athletic skirt only to find out that it rides up (especially as each of the collection and prints seem to be sized differently).

  • So just found out today that we have an opening on our Las Vegas Ragnar team- I remember you had responded awhile back from my blog post about how you would be interested in doing a Ragnar. Our team is all set up and our name is "2 Legit to Quit"- early 90s theme. Its oct 21-22. If interested let me know and we can exchange emails and i'll give you way more details

  • I have like 30 running skirts. I wear the style without the shorts underneath. All of them are great, but for some reason ONE of them fits me weird and tends to ride up. (I was wearing one in Mobile in January!)

  • I love spreadsheets, bring it on!
    As for that orange running skirt, I've been eyeing that exact same one and have actually been thinking I might treat myself to it for my next race, whenever that is, as a reward for being such a good girl during rehab. I feel a bit guilty though because we are finishing a basement remodel and are BROKE. 🙁 Poo.
    Anyway, very cute skirt. Maybe I;ll buy it for you and you buy it for me?

  • THanks for the head's up about the skirt! I may splurge…we'll see. I have to have compression shorts too, b/c my thighs are as one up top. 🙁

    btw – just got one of those scales with the body fat %. very interesting!

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