Three Things Thursday

1.  It’s hard to believe I am heading to Providence tomorrow!!  I’m not sure how I feel about this race.  I would love to push for a PR but for some reason putting that out there kinda makes me nervous!  Best news of the entire weekend?  It will be a good 20 degrees cooler in RI than in GA.  Hells Yeah.  It’s very unlike me but I haven’t done a bit of research on the town, transportation, what I need to do, etc.

2.  I ran on Wednesday without a “plan”….and I loved it.  Maybe it is the RLRF plan that is making me a little crazy.  And yes, of course, it was insanely hot and humid with a heat advisory (even at 6:45am).  More on my thoughts on RLRF soon…

3.  I only have 2 questions from this post….I would love to have more to answer so feel free to fire away!! I will have down time on the plane and in the hotel to blog :):)

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  • It'll be interesting to see if RLRF makes a noticeable difference in your race performance. Because I agree – some of my favorite runs are the ones where I just go for the heck of it, play around, take the dogs, etc. – no goal times to hit, no real mileage to shoot for, just fun. Some call 'em junk miles…but I disagree. 🙂 Good luck!!!!!

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