Park City 1/2 Marathon Race Recap Part 1

I did not expect to check Utah off my list this year but a few months back my old roommates mom, Linda, was in town and had offered me a free place to stay in Park City for the race.  I figured why not?  Seemed like a great opportunity.  Linda was also kind enough to let me have a few Atl running buddies tag along.  Fast forward to last Thursday….

I arrived in Salt Lake City with my TNT friends Alison and Ryan.  Linda was so nice and picked us up from the airport.  Before heading to to Park City we drove through town past the Mormon Church was huge!!  And not gonna lie…I spent a lot of my weekend looking for Polygamists too.  I had visions of Big Love in my head.  No luck though… :):)

This is only a small portion.  It takes up several blocks.

We were low key Thursday night and just hung out in Park City.

View from one of the restaurants/coffee shops that I loved
Linda and Robert’s view from their backyard.  Not their cows, but still a cool view.
On Friday we hit up the Olympic Park from the 2002 Olympics…
Welcome to the Park!
And did the 2 ziplines…
The top of the zipline is in the left corner
Alison & me on the ski lift to the top of the zipline
view of the bottom from the ski lift up…
And the 1 mile alpine slide
the bottom of the slide
small view of where we came from on the slide
It was really cool to see the kids practicing in the pool and on the slopes.
I think I will stick to running…
Can you see the little guy in the middle of the pic?  Wowzas…
I swear the youngest was probably 6 & the oldest 10.  Really cool.

We went inside to the museum and got to see the history of skiing (which I skipped because it wasn’t very interesting to this non-skiier) and memorabilia from the Olympics.

But I would love to have THIS bling on my wall 🙂
Alison…both awesome 🙂
We had lunch at the Redrock Brewery and then went to the outlets to do a little shopping.  I am pretty big on the “stay off your feet” before race day but I figured if I drove to a few of the shops it would okay. 🙂  We found some great end of season sales and headed back to Linda & Roberts to rest before the heading to the expo that opened at 5pm.
Well, we got there and realized it wasn’t an expo.  It was a packet pickup.  Which was totally fine with me.  I didn’t need the temptation of purchasing anything!!  A very easy process and nothing fancy.  Since the race was a small, local race there wasn’t much to the goodie bag either-just a reusable bag, the shirt and local coupons.  
Packet Pickup.  Very organized 🙂

We had dinner at an italian place, Cisero’s, on Main Street.  I was famished and didn’t take my usual dinner pic but enjoyed a nice risotto and way too many pieces of bread (carb loading, right?).  We headed back to the house and were in bed early for our wake up call at 5:30.

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  • Looks like a good time in PC! As for your comment about planning a HTC team for 2012:
    I totally have HTC fever but for next year…I'll have to sit out again. My goal is to be having baby #2 around HTC 2012…
    If you do HTC next year and you fly into Seattle, you can definitely crash here!

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