Making Adjustments

FINALLY getting to this…

You probably noticed in my posts over the past month or so that life has been hectic, its hot as hell in the South and I have another big commitment with TNT.  Where does all of this leave me with the RLRF program?

I find/found it very hard to hit my time goals outside in this heat.
I am fine on the treadmill for the speed work.  I actually don’t mind that as much.  The tempo and long runs have been okay- I just struggle with beating myself up over missing a goal run by a few seconds (thank you Type A personality).  I think doing this program would be easier when it is cool out.

I enjoy just “running”
I don’t like being “told” how fast to I need to run EVERY single time I lace up my shoes.  I felt/feel like I am staring at my Garmin during the entire run.  THAT is not fun.  There are days where I just want to run 4, or 6,  or 8 for a de-stresser.

I like running with my friends
I have made some of my dearest friends from my running groups.  I don’t want to give up our weekend runs just to hit a time goal.  I am one of those people that love a group run.  I am the only one in the group that trains this seriously (by that I mean a strict timed program) and none of my friends want to run at my pace.

I am Captain for the TNT Disney Team
I knew the time would come for me to adjust my training when we started training for the Goofy Challenge.  Soon I will be running at least 4 days a week (against RLRF program) and I will need to attend the TNT track workouts that we have every other Tuesday.  I will also be running different paces with different runners and the runs won’t be about my personal goals-they will be about someone else.

I am okay with all of this.  I have come up with a plan….

Each week will have to be modified.  This week is a perfect example.  I rested my legs after an an intense 1/2 marathon, a 18 mile/4 mile back to back run last Friday/Saturday, 2 personal training sessions and a 1/2 this upcoming weekend.  No reason to kill myself.  I ran at a recovery pace this week.  Next week I will work on speed and tempo again but probably not kill myself for time on the long run.

Bottom Line?

I am not quitting, just making adjustments.  I am just going to do what I can do for RLRF.  I want to still have FUN when I run.  Not feel like a slave to the garmin or running alone.  I do think it has made a difference in my speed.  I hadn’t had a sub 1:50 race since February 2010.  I still hope to break 4 hours at Wineglass Marathon in October.  My plan is to look back into a strict, intense following (because it is REALLY intense) of RLRF when I have more time to focus on it.  Most likely in the winter/spring after Goofy is over.  It will be cooler, I will be settled in my new place and I won’t have TNT commitments.

Have you modified RLRF and still seen results?  What do you do when you have to make adjustments?

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  • OMG in the 3 years I've been doing it, I definitely modify RLRF. Do not worry about hitting pace goals in the heat–completely unrealistic to expect to do so.
    I switch workouts around if I just raced and need more recovery time. And I run fewer miles in long runs if I do them in a race.
    Believe me, you are still making progress. As soon as the heat subsides that will be very apparent.

  • I started out with the RLRF program for this marathon and a few weeks back switched to Hal HIgdon's plan. I had a really tough time getting my cross training in and then freaked out with only running 3 times and having low mileage. I still believe the RLRF program works, but right now I feel better with the other plan. I can actually enjoy a run again 🙂

  • I'm sure you'll still see improvements as long as you work in a few speed sessions. At a minimum, try to remember to do some pick-ups a couple times a week. You gotta be flexible, especially in the extreme weather times! It's about having fun, too, so if you enjoy running pace with your friends then you should do it!

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