Chips are Down Race Report

I knew I would get a 3 mile run in with the Disney TNT team this past weekend and I love to help anyone celebrate their birthday (ESPECIALLY the big 30)….so when I saw Amanda’s post for her Virtual 30th birthday race, I figured why not?

Very sad to admit I have no pictures.  I forgot my spibelt for the group run which means I didn’t carry my phone (camera).  And I live by myself so there are no pictures of me with the bib or in my running clothes.

I FAILED at being prepared for any of that on Saturday 🙂

pretend this says Elizabeth 🙂 

But the run went well!!

Our Team met at 8am for our regular 3 mile route-a quick out and back.  I also failed to notice that the Goofy Team was doing 4 miles so I did close to that instead.  I guess my brain was fried from Fridays 17 mile run instead…

The cool thing about being captain (or mentor or coach) for TNT is that you run with others-not necessarily for yourself.  I ran with several different teammates at their pace-which explains my inconsistency.

I had predicted that it would take me around 30 mins to do the 3…and I was right!
We finished up, did our stretching, and headed to Einstein bagels for a little socializing!  Hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you race?  Have a long run?  And Happy (a few days late) 30th Birthday Amanda!  Thanks for organizing!!

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