Where’s The Love??

Confession.  I am worried I am falling out of love with running.  It worries me.  It freaks me out.  I have so many races planned.  But lately my runs have felt like more of a chore and a goal than something I WANT to do for FUN.  I have only been running (racing) for a little over 2 years and more seriously, I would say, for a year.

Each run, for the most part, has been a struggle.  If I am on the treadmill I stare at the miles and time.  If I am on the streets its a constant garmin check.  I think it could be a number of things but I am not sure.

1.  RLRF.

I have never had a really intense plan like this.  Yes I have followed certain days with certain miles but never with time goals and cross training and running at this intensity each week.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to get faster.  I want a sub 4 hour marathon.  There are days where I feel like I am kicking some A and others where I just want to scream in defeat.  And then there are the days where I say F it in my head and wonder if its worth just being faster.  

2.  I need a mental break.
  I have a problem saying “no” and not “doing it all.”  I burn the candle at both ends and usually have something to do every single night of the week.  I love being busy, having something to do outside of work and I love my friends.  But it is exhausting.  There could be an entire blog post on my issues with saying “no.”  I also realized this week that since I started racing more last January I haven’t taken a single trip for myself that doesn’t involve a race (keep in mind I have 4 more planned for this year).  I need a real vacation.  A beach and a cocktail.  A good book.  Not a bachelorette party, not a shower, not a wedding, etc.  A real vacation.  For Elizabeth.

3.  The Heat
  Could this be the real problem?  I mentioned on DailyMile that I was struggling and a DM friend sent me this link from the August Issue (2010) of Runners World.  I am definitely not sleeping well and I am sweating like a maniac and I already have asthma/allergy issues.  I literally DREAD sweating for 2 hours.  I hate when it gets in my eyes and I hate not being able to feel cool (or cool off).  I suck it up and do it because I know I don’t have a choice (and before summer started I truly loved running).

4.  A Medal
  I was running a long (marathon or 1/2) race each month for about 5 months and haven’t done one since May.  Maybe I just miss the race?  Miss the bling?  I learned this summer that 5K’s and 10K’s really aren’t my favs anymore.  I guess I will soon find out if that is an issue at RNR Providence 🙂

I really don’t want to stop running.  I want to love it again.  I want to have the desire to lace up my shoes. I don’t want it to be a burden.  A chore.  A job.

What do you think?  Am I already experiencing burnout?  Do you feel this way?  Is it the heat?  If you have felt this way what have you done?

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  • I so hear you! I feel the same way right now. I'm training for my 2nd marathon and it's so different than training for my first. I have a really difficult time to get 3 runs in per week! Don't even thinking about cross training! Honestly, I can't give you an advice, but if you find anything that helps. Please let me know!!

  • I sometimes get that way, although ::knock on wood:: I'm doing great right now & loving running. I use the Run Less Run Faster program & love it. Its great to only have 3 runs a week to focus on, and I feel like I enjoy running more. I just bought the book in preparation for my first marathon!

  • I feel like I could have written this post. I actually just started working with an online coach to help my motivation and get my trained for the marathon. I don't think RLRF is for me. It sucked the life and fun out of it. I ditched it.
    Chin up. The heat is also so crappy right now. Just imagine your crisp fall days, running thru that gorgeous city. That has to make you excited!

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