Three Things Thursday

1.  I think I have a blog stalker.  I don’t think she reads any of my regular posts (which is why I am posting this) but she must be an ex(or something of that nature) to the original mean personal trainer a few months ago.  I’m assuming she googled his name and found it and commented on the post a few weeks ago and then left another message last night.  I removed it because I found it to be inappropriate.  “Honey” if you read this, I do not care for that man or speak to him.  This blog is about me and my running and my medals.  Thank you. 🙂

2.  Keep the Questions coming!!  HERE.  I only have 2 so far….

3.  TNT Disney Kickoff is TONIGHT!!  I cannot believe it is already time for another season.  I also cannot believe that RNR Providence is next weekend.   It crept up on me!  I haven’t done a single bit of research on the town, restaurants, etc.  Perhaps I should….If you have been there-thoughts?  Suggestions?

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  • I was thinking of you this morning – I got my body fat tested. The results were totally bogus but in the other direction – I'm like an elite athlete or something. NOT. So, I'm bummed I wasted the $. Contemplating getting one of those home scales that do %??? Not sure how reliable those are though. I'm just so curious to see how/if I change much as I star this strength training.

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