Three Things Thursday

1.  Have I become THAT blogger??  I can only find time for a TTT each week??  SAD.  I keep thinking that each week will get easier but they haven’t.  I had my boss with me for 2 days this week and I have big test to take for work tomorrow so I have spent my nights studying this week instead of playing blogging.  I had a TNT meeting last night and have one tonight and 2 next week.  Let the season begin with TNT too!  Don’t worry, I have a few posts planned, I just need to take the time to do them.  HOPEFULLY I can take a break tonight or tomorrow and get back to this thing.

2.  Remember that personal trainer I mentioned last week?  Yeah…he’s already gone.  I went for my first appointment on Tuesday and he is no longer with the gym.  Awesome.  I rescheduled with another guy but at this point if he sucks I am asking to cancel the “contract.”  It better be worth it.  The only reason I signed up last week was because I wanted to be trained by Bobby.  Oh well.

3.  I’m looking forward to a fun weekend!  I am moving my run (10-12 miles) to Friday morning because we have a family reunion in Newnan (about 45 mins south of ATL) Friday night.  My dad and Nancy are coming back to ATL on Saturday with furniture that has been in Mobile for me and then Saturday night I have a going away/birthday party for my old roomie…Katie.  Sunday is for me.  The plan?  To do absolutely NOTHING.

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