Three Things Thursday

1.  Tonight I am “working” the first TNT info event for Winter Season (Disney).  I am excited to get to meet and encourage new folks to join the running community…for a great cause.  I will be speaking on the ease of fundraising and the best ways to go about it.  I was actually surprised at how easy it was to fundraise and I look forward to sharing my story.

2.  I did the 17 mile run last weekend and have stuck with my RLRF program this week.  Surprisingly the 17 mile run was fairly easy.  Sure my knees hurt a little but I still had energy to keep going and it was HOT.  This weekend is looking to be the same way.  I’m supposed to do 20 this weekend and then back down for the next 2 weeks until RNR Providence.  For some reason the 20 has me nervous.  The heat and the fear of “over doing it” before the 1/2.  But I guess that is what the 2 week taper is for, right?

3.  So you may remember my rant here on the stupid personal trainer at my new gym (my opinion of him HAS NOT changed and I ignore him every time I see him-even when he speaks to me).  Well, last week I got sucked into wanting to learn how to use the new equipment and met a nice trainer, Bobby, who offered me my free session.  I had my appointment with him this past Tuesday.  OUCH.  He kicked my A.  And got me.  I signed up for the smallest amount of personal training because I want to be pushed and want someone to hold me accountable to my goals.  I think it will be just the thing I need to lose these 10 lbs.  Good news I have already lost 2% in body fat since my last appointment.  WOOHOO!  I was sweating like a maniac and we only met for 30 minutes–and even today I hurt like I have never hurt before…in a good way.

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