Three Things Thursday

1.  This time next week I will officially be a home owner and all moved (moved but with a hot mess of boxes) into my new place.  Next Thursday will be a crazy day.  I have decided that the bank needs to know when I eat, poop, and sleep and I think I may as well sign over my unborn first child.  Holy Hell they want A LOT of info.  Every day its “Ms. K, we need one more thing…”  Supposedly today was the last of those.  We shall see tomorrow.

2.  I haven’t been on a scale in a few weeks but I saw one of my girlfriends this week and she hasn’t seen me in 2-3 weeks and she said I had lost weight!  WOO HOO!  I can tell in my clothes too.  I will admit it, I am enjoying being a carnivore again.  More power to those of you who can just eat veggies.  I wish I could and I wish it was enough protein for my body but it’s not.

3.  This weekend will mark my one year marathon-a-versary.  I cannot believe it has already been a year since Rock and Roll Seattle.  I know several of you are running it and can’t wait to hear all about it!!  Good luck Savitre, Alma, and Tall-Mom!  Anyone else??

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  • Congrats on your new digs AND on losing some weight! Great!

    I will be thinking of you as I'm running that concrete highway this weekend. 🙂 My Bib# 7142. I feel like an ass for going for a BQ on my first marathon but I figure I don't have anything to lose. After this, it will be practically impossible for me so…


    I'm so nervous. I've been peeing about every 25 minutes today. Have accomplished very little at work… UG!

  • Hi Elizabeth – Thank you so much for the FB & Blog comments. So encouraging to know that you were rooting for me! I can't tell you how upset I have been this weekend. I really thought I was Boston-bound yesterday. I FELT GREAT. No doubt, that RLRF program gets you into good shape. I'm just not sure I'm mean to be a marathoner. We'll see what the doc/PT says tomorrow.
    Hope you are getting all packed up…

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