Three Things Thursday

1.  Thanks so much for the well wishes on the new place.  I am really excited.  It will be a huge lifestyle adjustment (aka budget) for me, but I am really proud to check another box off of my goal list.  Luckily my races for the rest of the year are paid for and I can start saving to decorate my place!

2.  Sad to say…I only have 10 entries on my giveaway so far!  If you don’t need pace bands you can always get something else-I love the grace bands and the back bibs.  Who doesn’t need to hear the name called out during a race or some extra inspiration at mile 21 (or 12 for a 1/2 marathon).  You can’t tell me you don’t love to win free stuff :):)  So go ahead and enter HERE.  Thank you.

3.  This weekend I am running my first 5K since October.  It’s is my new hood!  I’ve heard its hilly and it will obviously be hot but it should be fun.  It will also give me a good idea of how I can perform in the heat for the RLRF program.  I did get out and run yesterday for National Running Day and it was an awesome 95 degrees or so.  So the RLRF run went out the window.  Must start getting up early to get the miles in.  And technically I don’t have to start the program for another week I believe so this is just “practice.” 
Did you run for National Running Day?  If you did and you enter my contest let me know there for an additional entry.  :):)

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