Three Things Thursday

1.  Did you think I went missing?  I didn’t.  I am back in California…but for a work meeing in San Diego.  I really haven’t had any free time.  I did manage to wake up early enough for a quick run on the boardwalk before our meetings started on Tuesday.  Other than that?  No time to workout.  Not cool.  And they always have bad-for-you-food.  Processed stuff that I normally avoid and don’t buy but of course it is hard to resist when you are hungry and don’t have many options.

2.  Wedding weekend #3!!  This is the last one for the year (I think).  This wedding is for one of my sorority sisters-I’m excited to see some of my old besties from college that I don’t get to see often.  Only downside is having to take the red-eye tonight and then drive 5 hours to Destin, FL tomorrow morning. 

3.  Most exciting news of all?  I was approved for a loan last week and will begin my “house (condo) hunt” on Monday.  I’m really excited to have a place of my own (if all goes well) in a few weeks. 

I’m really looking forward to getting back to my regular routine.  I need my runs, workouts, good food, rest, social life.  I am very happy that I will have survived the past 3 weeks!!  They have been fun though. 

Hope everyone has had a great week!  I hope to catch up on reading blogs soon too!

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