Three Things Thursday

1.  Is it memorial day weekend yet?  Last weekends wedding was a blast.  I love, love, love my girl friends and I am so thankful for each and every one of them.  I was very mature responsible and wasn’t too hungover from either night of partying!  This was a big change from Amanda’s wedding last year.  I have another wedding this weekend but it is here in Atlanta, my friend Lainey who also blogs about food here.  I will fly back to California for a work meeting Monday, take the redeye home Thursday and drive to Destin on Friday for another wedding, this time a sorority sister.  I am excited about all of it because at both the weddings and the work meeting I will get to see some of my friends that I don’t see very often…but selfishly I will be ready for a weekend just for Elizabeth.

2.  I took my first Pure Barre class in over 2 weeks and boy can I feel it.  I was going to get up and go early this morning again but I am so sore I think a Yoga DVD will be just what I need tonight instead.  If you have Pure Barre in your area I highly recommend it!

3.  I am in the middle of the book Run Less, Run Faster and I am so excited to try this program for Wineglass Marathon in October.  I know many of you use it and I have a question for ya-what do you do for cross training?  I don’t have a pool or a bike.  Does Yoga/Pure Barre/Pilates count?  Or does it need to be more card based?  I haven’t gotten to that chapter yet but I am trying to plan out my gym membership and was curious what y’all use.

3.5  The most important pic of all that I forgot to include in my race recap:

I ran in honor/memory of these cancer fighters!  I was asked all along the course at Big Sur what these ribbons were for and I was happy to explain I was running for a cure and that these ribbons were for those who had battled the disease.  Julie and Heather-you can see yours on the right side, upper corner ribbons.  Thank you for letting me run for your loved ones!!

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  • I'm totally looking into Run Less, Run Faster after tri season when I plan to focus on some half marathons.

    Thank you so much for running for Michael and Mom!

  • I will try the Run Less Run Faster plan as well. However I won't use the one from the book (too advanced) I use the one online,which is meant for first timers. I believe the cross training should be cardio based (easy run, swim, bike, rowing). Enjoy your travels, sounds like a blast 🙂

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