Three Things Thursday

1.  I am on the plane headed back home to Atlanta.  This has been an amazing week full of memories.  I have TONS of pics to share (hopefully it won’t be overkill) but I want you all to see this marathon and then want to sign up for it next year because I am going to do it all again. I am hoping to knock out the race reports before my computer dies on the flight.

2.  The party doesn’t stop here because once I land I am driving home to repack and head to Alabama for my friend Tiffany’s wedding.  I believe this is my 11th wedding to be in and I can’t wait to see all of my high school girl friends this weekend.  When I get back on Sunday, I will be driving back to Alabama (Birmingham) on Monday to volunteer for the tornado relief projects.  One really cool thing about my company is “Orange Day” where each team gets to do a volunteer/charity event for a day and it is still considered a regular work day.  I look forward to being able to help out my home state.

3.  Winery tours are fun.  I realized after packing that the more I drink the more I buy.  That is obviously  what the wineries are hoping you are going to do.  I am coming home with probably 10 or so bottles of deliciousness.

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  • have a good time at the wedding and the volunteering on monday. cant wait to see all the pictures and read part 2 of the race recap. don't talk too much of the hills please, i want to run big sur in the upcoming years….

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