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Well.  I hate to say it, but jerk-off personal trainer was right about my body fat percentage (THAT is the only thing he was right about).  I went early this morning to have my fitness analysis done (no food for caffeine).  Suzanne with Yardstick Fitness was very helpful-I was able to have my appointment at her house-I definitely felt more comfortable there than I would have at a gym.

First we did my body fat.  I hopped on the scale so she could plug in my weight and height and age into her computer before using a machine that looked like a sonogram.  Again, not happy with the number but it is what it is.  She also had to determine if I was athletic build or regular build.  She said it was hard because looking at me its athletic but not in the middle. Damn you stomach.  Suzanne was awesome and said this is where most people have problems and not to worry too much.  Final result.  SHIT.  Actually slightly higher than the gyms results.  Suzanne knew I was shocked but as we talked she figured by where the weight was on my body I wasn’t eating enough, or eating the wrong things.  She said I could lose 10 lbs. and switch another 5 lbs to muscle.  THIS seems normal and doable.  Suzanne also said that after 5 lbs.  I would start to feel a difference in my speed…and that really excites me!
Next up, the resting energy calorie test.  I strapped this super cool thing on and just had to relax and breath for about 10 minutes.  
scary, huh?
The machine tests how many calories you burn naturally (metabolism).  I was right above normal.  My body resting burns around 1483 calories.  Add in lifestyle and activity for 444 calories and light exercise (30 mins) for 154 calories.  Total was 2081 calories a day.  I need to eat 1187-1483 to lose weight.  Suzanne explained that usually runners could eat an additional 100 calories per mile but since I am short I really only need 60 or so per mile.  For long runs (6 miles or over) she said right under 2000 calories to continue to lose weight-anything over would be maintaining.  I will need to eat a small amount of carbs before and after a long run–I just don’t need to go overboard.  If I can do these things and follow a plan I will be at my goal weight in 8 weeks.  Seems really simple.
Next?  Food analysis.  THIS was eye opening.  Here I have been thinking I am super healthy and eating all the right things but I am not.  I need to be eating less carbs and more protein.  I have been doing the complete opposite.  My lifestyle makes my lunch and dinner hard.  I am in my car for work and am usually limited to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some fruit-its easy to keep and won’t spoil.  Dinner is different every night.  It’s hard to cook for one and I am always out and about-but I will have to make better decisions.  And of course being single (and out and about) alcohol comes into play.  I will also have to make better choices during the day when I know I am going to drink at night and limit how much I drink when I go out. 
No more oatmeal for breakfast, eggs and veggies for me.
Lunch will be either a protein meal replacement shake or salad with a protein.
Dinner will be a protein plus veggies. 
Fruits and veggies for snacks.

Lucky for me I don’t eat processed stuff (chips, cookies, crackers) on a regular basis and I don’t drink soft drinks or a ton of caffeine (1 cup of coffee a day).  

I will have a better plan in a few days (Suzanne’s internet was out and she is sending me a plan with grocery list).  So much for attempting to eat less meat.  I will just have to choose lean ones.  I will also be writing out what I eat each day.  Suzanne describes the plan like the Paleo Diet.  I hate the word diet, so for me this a lifestyle.  Because ultimately, I am going to have to continue to eat like this to stay healthy and at a weight (and body fat percentage) that I am happy with.
All of this explains why I haven’t been losing weight.  It was very helpful.  I am excited to have a plan.  Luckily, I don’t need a personal trainer to do it. 🙂
Do you already eat this way?  Do you have any suggestions for non-meat proteins?  Is there a certain number of proteins you try to eat per day? 

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  • My coaches recommended the paleo diet for athletes and adapt it as a lifestyle (food for fuel they say). I'm so glad you found someone helpful instead of annoying gym dude!

  • I've gone more primal/paleo since about SEP. I've but almost all grains, HFCS, and other processed junk. It's made a huge difference. Since SEP I've dropped about 40 pounds (about 1/2 of my total weight loss).

    I really don't keep track of how much protein I eat, but I normally get a lot of my protein through nuts and eggs. I'll throw in beef, chicken, pork or beans from time to time.

    You might want to check out Mark's Daily Apple (http://www.marksdailyapple.com/).

  • My doctor has put me on the South Beach lifestyle because it focuses more on protein than carbs. Which is important for me because of my diabetes. And it has been working much better and my energy running has improved. I haven't had my blood sugars spiking and then dropping while running from eating more carbs.

  • I know I'm supposed to eat about 100g of protein a day, especially on days I'm working out/running but I've been slacking lately. I've been trying to get my intake from Greek yogurt (double the protein than regular yogurt), eggs, chicken, lentils, and lean red meat (usually buffalo/bison meat). Sounds like Suzanne is awesome! Does she want to come to NJ and do this for me too? 🙂

  • Very interesting! I was surprised, too, when I saw a nutritionist a while back and she said I need more protein. Not something you would expect since they say Americans often get too much protein.
    Hard boiled eggs are a good carry-around snack if you don't mind eating them. Easy to throw onto a store-bought salad or even have as a breakfast on the go. Can you put a small cooler in your car to hold snacks – yogurt, veggie bites and the like?
    Also, myfitnesspal.com is handy for tracking calories & nutrients.

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