Catching Up

Exhausted.  And I am only a week into the crazy of the next 3 weeks.  I promise I am working on Big Sur recap part 2 and I know some of you are waiting on it…but my garmin isn’t wanting to connect and I can’t do the recap without the elevation.  It just won’t do it justice  :):).

And…like I said…I am exhausted.  After the race and vacation I drove to Mobile for Tiffany’s wedding.  It was such a fun weekend–all of my high school girlfriends made it (and for the first time in years-no one was pregnant at a wedding-lots of celebrating).  I got home yesterday, tried to go to bed early, around 8:30, because I had to wake up at 5:30 to drive back to Alabama to volunteer.  I let my crazy brain get the best of me and didn’t fall asleep until midnight.  After volunteering and another 5 hours of driving I can’t think straight.

Let’s hope I sleep, get my garmin to work and get back to my running schedule.  TOMORROW! 🙂


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