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I have missed y’all!  I finally caught up on yalls blogs too!  And now I am back….hoping that my life is a little less hectic…

Last Sunday before I left for San Diego I went to The Big Peach’s bRUNch.  If you have been following for a while you know that this is my favorite local running store.  I love these peeps!  They do a ton for the community (especially Team in Training).  One of the their new initiatives is RUNATL…social running events/gatherings.  Not races…just “get togethers.”

hearing about the pacers and what they morning entailed
Mizuno, Sweet Tomatoes, and Georgia Sports Chiropractic were all sponsors.  So trying out new shoes, free food (and booze) and massages were all in store.  I had originally planned to run in my Newtons but after learning that we would be on trails I decided to hold off and try out Mizunos.  When else do you get to actually run in a new shoe?  Not very often.  I went by the Mizuno booth and was put in their neutral shoe.  I don’t know the name of it…but sadly, I wasn’t a fan.  It just didn’t feel the same as my regular Brooks.
The Mizuno Shoe “Store”
The many options to choose from…
My shoe…sadly not a huge fan

I decided to run with the 9 minute and under pace group-it was going to be a short (4 mile) run and then we were going to come back for the brunch.  I started out with my friend Robert but he told me to go ahead and I ran with one of the pacers from Big Peach, Kate.  It was fun getting to run with someone new (minus the one girl who was running with us who seemed to know everything about running).  We ran at the Chatahoochee River–one of my usual spots with TNT–but we ran a different route.  It was nice to change it up and run somewhere new–and to be on trails!  We finished quickly and I hurried back to the meeting area for my mini-massage.

I was excited to get a massage-I hadn’t (and still haven’t) had time to get one since Big Sur so I knew my legs would need it.  Another plus?  GA Sports is where I usually go for my massages so I knew the guy already.

I skipped out on the food and returned my trial shoes–they got better over the duration of the run but I still don’t think they are the right shoe for me.  I decided to head home a little early–for some reason it was really cold that day and I didn’t dress appropriately and was freezing!

Thanks Peachy for a great event!  I am lucky to live in a town that supports running and an active lifestyle.
Do you have a great local running store?  Do they offer fun social events?  I always like to visit the local running stores when I travel to see what they have to offer.

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