A Veggie Update

I posted about hating beets and trying to find a way to like them on Thursday.  Low and behold I go to one of my favorite lunch spots, Metrofresh, and this is what I find.  
look closely at the bottom soup…
What are the chances of that?  Metrofresh is awesome because the menu changes daily and offers up several vegan and vegetarian options a day (they also serve “regular” options with meat).  I usually eat here several times a month–it is unbelievable–always fresh and good for you!  If you every watched Doogie Howser or Party of Five, you might recognize the owner too.  Back to my point…Metrofresh lets you have a little taste before you purchase.  So, I explained to the girl my situation on the blog and that i had to try Chilled Coconut, Beet and Toasted Almond Soup.  I also asked to snag a pic for y’all.   Yes, it is hot pink.  WTF am I about to eat??
To my complete shock.  I liked it!!  It was actually good.  Could I eat a whole bowl of it?  I’m not so sure about that-a little cup?  Probably.  But very good news for us beet haters-it is possible!  I am going to keep working on finding new options like this to hide beets into my diet.  My mom is a reader of the blog and said that we need to just boil them and eat them warm.  Kinda makes me want to vomit.  But maybe I will try it and let y’all know.  
I also made another new veggie dish last night.  If you like artichokes, you will LOVE this.  Thank you Cooking Light for another fabulous dish.  The Artichoke and Goat Cheese Strata was a little time consuming, but if you can prepare a few steps ahead of time its okay for a weeknight meal–if not–it’s an easy Sunday brunch or dinner option.
The prep work of cutting up shallots and bread wasn’t fun but frozen artichokes makes it a little less painful. I also use the pre-cut minced garlic in the jar–much easier and less smelly on your hands!  And I also used skim milk because that is all I had. 
 bread, milk, eggs, cheese mixture 
 artichoke, shallots, garlic, herbs

I prepared the first steps when I got home from the store yesterday and then layered it with goat cheese before baking like the recipe instructed (if you want to prepare early).  It turned out great!  This was my dinner last night with a spinach salad.

It is hard to believe it is good for you!  
Hope you enjoy a new recipe!
   Anyone cooked anything new lately?  Beet Suggestions?

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