Three Things Thursday

1.  It’s taper time.  My body is freaking out.  Or my mind is.  Or my body is.  I don’t which one it is but something isn’t right with my hamstring (and some of my IT Band).  I have worked too hard to allow anything to be wrong before Big Sur.  So, I am sucking it up and spending the money on a massage this week and one race week.  I will continue with Physical Therapy too.  I am debating stopping Pure Barre for the next 2 weeks to be safe.  What are your thoughts?  Do you continue to strength train or stop before a big race?  I worry that I am pushing too much because my pain tolerance is pretty high but I am worried that I am going to make it worse.  It’s like I can feel there is something wrong but it doesn’t make me stop dead in my tracks.  Would you rest or run?  Help.  Please and thank you.

2.  Big Sur also means vacation.  I cannot wait.  I have only been to California once and that was last year for a work meeting-which means I never left the classroom for a week.  Some of the Big Sur team is extending the trip with me and we are headed to Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco after the race.  Any favorites or suggestions?

3.  Do any of you track what you eat?  I have read several blogs/tweets about people finding out they aren’t eating enough of this or they are eating too much of that.  I wonder how hard it is to keep up with what you eat and when you eat—I think it is hard to remember it all.  If you do track it-what do you use?  Is there a good iphone app that also has a website?

Lots of questions on this 3 things thursday.  Thanks for your help in advance :):)

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  • I strength train till the week of the event, but I only do arms & core to give my legs a break. You can keep doing it, but scale back the intensity (like the running taper). You're going to have a great race Elizabeth!!

  • I use to track both eating and exercise. The site is a lot like Weight Watchers Online, but free, and you can customize what nutrients and such you specifically want to track. They do have an iPhone app that's pretty easy to use on the go.

    Have a great trip and a great race!

  • I was so nervous to taper before Disney, but I think it was the right thing to do and my legs were happy for it. I avoided other forms of exercise the two weeks beforehand beause I, too, was afraid of injury.

    I keep mental track of my food. However, I did hear about a new app that you can take pictures of your food and it will calculate the calories. I tried it out and it's an epic FAIL. Took a picture of a Luna bar and it told me 90 calories – try 180!

  • I use DailyPlate on and I'm pretty sure there's an iphone app for it. It's pretty comprehensive and there's never been a food that I eat that isn't on there!

  • I usually stop strength training the week before, just because my mind is playing games and I stop doing anything that could possible injure me 🙂 I'm excited for Wineglass 🙂

  • Ok, so I just updated my last post to include a link to your "ice bath 101" post. I meant to do that & forgot til just now. HOpefully it will help others, too!

  • Oh – and you can download a phone app: My Fitness Pal, which helps you easily track your food & exercise to tell you what your calorie balance & nutrition status is. It's pretty awesome. You can even type in name brands – like Amy's frozen meals & stuff. Check it out. Also, you can enter via the web.

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