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I figured it was time to think about what was going to be after Big Sur and share what I have planned.  Maybe you will have a few suggestions too…

May-Big Sur.  HELLS YEAH.  I may add a 5K or two, depending on how my legs feel. 
June-I just signed up for the IronLegs 5K (benefits TNT).  I may sign up for the Fathers Day 4 miler later in the month too.
July– The Peachtree Road Race 10K.  
August– I want to do the RNR Providence 1/2 marathon.  Problem?  Needing someone to split the hotel with me.  Anyone interested?  I could use my hotel points but I would rather save those for Savannah.
Newly added is the Park City 1/2 Marathon on August 20th.  My roommates mom was so nice to offer me a free place to stay!  UTAH, check.  I’m really excited about this trip because it was kinda out of the blue and I never thought about it being an option this year. 
September-not sure yet.  There will be plenty of 5K and 10K options.
October-Wine Glass Marathon.  I will focus on time for this race and will need to work out a plan soon.  I may do the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon on October 23.  And, if I can find a partner, possibly the Atlanta Marathon Relay on October 30.
November-RNR Savannah 1/2 marathon and the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day 1/2 Marathon.
December-not sure yet.  
Here are a few of my thoughts/issues:
I have thought about using the month of May to focus on yoga and strength with some running.  But knowing me, I won’t be able to hold off running a lot.  Hopefully I will just run without a plan or a schedule.
It is hot in the South in the summer and long races aren’t really an option (unless I missed one that I could drive to).  I would love to knock out a few more states this summer but they all involve flying.  I do have some Skymiles but when you add the hotel, the flight, food, etc. it’s a lot.  BUT I think if I could split some costs it would be easier….if any of you are looking for some race partners this summer please let me know.    
I am going to push my body this year and see how much it can handle.  I see so many bloggers racing every weekend, so I know its possible.  I have a few plans after Big Sur to see a running coach and get a few other things in check so that I can perform at my best.  More on that later.
So there it is.  A look ahead to the rest of 2011.  
Are you running any of these races?  Do you have any other suggestions?  

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  • You have a busy, but awesome race ahead of you girl!!!! If my brother's wedding was not just a week after that RnR Providence I would be all over that race. Crap, life always gets in the way 🙂

    You can add another state, Indiana if you come run the Fort4Fitness Half with me 🙂 It is September 24th. *just a thought!*

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