One Year Bloggaversary

I knew my one year bloggaversary was coming up soon and went and checked and realized it was this past weekend!  Oops!  A few days late.  The blog has definitely improved over the year!  For my bloggaversary post I am adapting something that I saw on Barbie Runs and Jess Runs blogs but turning it into 3-6-5.  I had just posted the ABC’s of me and figured you needed a break when it was time for my 100th post.  So here ya go.

3 things about my past
1.  My major in college was Apparel Merchandising.  I have never used it.
2.  I was President of my sorority (Pi Beta Phi) back in my days at Auburn.  I was a finalist for a         traveling consultant job out of college but didn’t get it.  Funny how life works out.
3.  I tried to learn to dive as a kid and it never stuck.  To this day I still can’t dive.

6 things about my personality
1.  I am outgoing.
2.  I am driven.
3.  I am a “giver” and sometimes do too much for others.
4.  I am loyal.
5.  I am very open.
6.  I am honest (sometimes tend to speak before I think).

5 things I love
1.  Pure Barre
2.  Tory Burch Flats
3.  Traveling
4.  Cocktails on a Patio
5.  Hallmark Cards

Can’t believe its already been 365 days of blogging.  Looking forward to 365 more!!

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  • Happy bloggaversary!
    So I can't believe I signed up for the Seattle RNR full!! CRAZY! I know you said the second half of the course is not so great but I'm pretty familiar with the area so I can be prepared for the boredom. I'll make sure my music kicks in about then. Plus, I'll try to enlist ALL of my friends to come out & cheer for the second half 🙂 SO FREAKING EXCITED!! And your Big Sur is coming up soon! I can't wait to see pictures. It's going to be BEAUTIFUL.

  • How did I miss this post??!!
    Cocktails on a patio – I'm sure excited for some warmer weather so I can do just that! Summer is the BEST!

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