Not your typical Easter Sunday

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter.  My day started at 6:30 am Sunrise Service with my sister.  It was a pretty service and a great way to start the day.  We came home and cooked breakfast and I was poolside by 11:30.  I wanted to relax this weekend and that is exactly what I did.

Oh, wait…you think I forgot that I could eat chocolate?  You wondered why that wasn’t the first thing I mentioned, right?  Well.  After spending the afternoon dry-heaving in bushes…I am back to my Lenten resolution…

I am not going to lie.  I ate cadbury mini eggs at 6 am on the way to church.  Gross, I know but it is kinda a family tradition.  Allison and I love these and we usually eat them together every Easter.  Okay, so maybe not always at 6am but I NEEDED chocolate today.  It had been 40 days!  Well, after breakfast I came home and took the desserts that I had in the freezer out to thaw to enjoy later (I went to a dessert tasting fundraiser a few weeks ago and took mine home to enjoy on this day).  They thawed quickly.  I ate carrot cake and chocolate cheesecake and then a cookie and maybe some more mini eggs.  This was basically my lunch.  To be honest, I got so grossed out by my eating that I couldn’t even finish the cakes and threw them away.  But the damage was already done.  I felt ill.

I was supposed to meet my friend Holly this afternoon for a quick 4 mile run.  You can imagine how pretty that was.  Hint-the bushes.  I felt sick the whole run.  About a mile in we had to stop so that I could try and relieve myself.  I managed to finish the run but my stomach starting cramping a block or two from home and we had to walk.

Needless to say, I think I am back to my Lenten ways.  Or at least moderation.  MUCH MORE moderation.  I told y’all I didn’t have self control.  This is a prime example.  I should’ve thought about the fact that my body hasn’t had this much sugar in 40 days.  Dumb. I’m for real gonna stick to sweets only twice a week.  And that is IF I am in the mood for them.  I’m not just eating them because I can anymore.  Bleh.

Again, other than that, a great day.  And the real reason for this holiday shouldn’t be forgotten.

How do you celebrate Easter?  If you gave something up for Lent, did you over indulge too?

Oh yeah…one week from now I will have completed marathon #2. WOOHOO!!

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  • I ate Arby's after not having red meat for 40 days…not sure if it is really red meat or not. We had a nice family lunch and I didn't get hungry again until sort of late so that was my only open option. Surprisingly though I didn't feel sick. We are going to Kalideoscope tonight and I am going to get the burger or the hanger steak…we will see how that goes…want to join us?

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