Holding Myself Accountable

So back in January I set some goals for myself.  I figured it was time to hold myself accountable and see how I was doing.  I knew I was sucking it up big time at one of them…which is what led me to post about it.

1.  3 States-This will actually be 4, possibly 5.  Alabama in January, California in May, Utah in August, possibly Rhode Island in August, New York in October.  Sweet.

2.  Run 2 marathons.  Yep.  THIS WEEKEND at Big Sur and Wineglass in New York in October.

3.  Run for the Bling of it.  So far so good. A race a month.  The schedule is looking pretty good for the rest of the year too.

4.  1,000 miles in 2011.  I’m currently at 365.  Looking pretty good as long as I stay injury free.  My plan is to up the miles before the next marathon.

5.  Half Fanatic.  Yep.  Done that too.  #824

6.  Out of debt.  Uh huh.  That happened a month or two ago.

7.  Read more books.  At least 1 a month.  Way behind.  So far 2 this year.  Water for Elephants and Meb’s Run to Win.  I just finished that one yesterday and I am planning on reviewing it on here tomorrow.

8.  Cross Train more.  Oops.  So far just running, Pure Barre and Yoga.  Not much has changed.  Someone motivate me to swim or bike.  The problem is I don’t have a gym membership right now.  After the marathon I will be trying a few new Yoga studios through Groupon and LivingSocial.  This includes Hot Yoga.  Should be interesting!

9.  New PR in Marathon and 10K.  Haven’t had a chance to do this yet, but hoping it happens before the year is over.

Other goals set on my birthday included Church and getting to know my culture a little more- mainly learning to cook Lebanese food.  My sister and I just talked about this yesterday-our goal is to cook a big lebanese meal in the next month or so.  And Church? I officially joined back in January.  The rest I already knocked out too.  I’m continuing to save $$ for a house and I am watching my food intake.

The reading more was the goal that threw me off the most.  Otherwise it looks like I’m doing pretty good–maybe they were too achievable?  Should I add more?  Or is that nuts?  Thoughts?

Did you set goals for 2011?  How are you doing on your goals if you did?

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