Big Sur Bound

It all started before I ran the RNR Seattle Marathon last year.  My coach for TNT, Lisa, had hyped the race up and said we had to do it with TNT next year (she coached me in Seattle and knew this would be her next coaching race).  I took one look at the website and the views and was in.  A few months later I was chosen to be a mentor/captain for the team.

We started here.  Back in November I wasn’t sure how I would want to run this race.  For time, for fun, etc.  I just knew I was getting the chance to do it.

I know my body is in better shape than it was a year ago but putting a “time” pressure on this race makes me nervous.  Side note-TNT trains you to finish–not to PR and be a speed demon.  So I knew going into this race that I would only be running 1 20 miler and speedwork would be on my own.  This is the exact same as marathon #1 because it was also with TNT.

20 miler elevation a few weeks ago

I know I will do well.  I know that I will finish.  I also WANT to enjoy it.  I WANT to stop and take pictures.  But the competitive side of Elizabeth tends to kick in more times than not.  And I ordered these

(Review to come later but awesome company and I may have just switched from the Pacetats) with a goal of 4:00, 4:15, and 4:30.  I wanted to see my options.  And competitive Elizabeth starts thinking what if you beat your 4:18:02 in Big Sur?  How cool would that be?  Chill Elizabeth says who cares, just have fun, enjoy it all, soak in the view.

That being said I have finally decided on my ABC goals:

A.  4:15-it will be tough but I need to make the A goal hard to reach
B.  4:30-seeing the elevation profile…it still may be really tough to do this
C.  Finish-not a problem

I will truly be happy with any of these.  Honestly.  Because this is what I am about to conquer.  It is no joke.

elevation profile from Big Sur Marathon website…very, uh, mountain-like.
The other big reward/“happy moment” is knowing I raised another $3100 towards cancer research for TNT and I get to watch several of my teammates experience their first marathon and first race with TNT.   
What makes me happiest of all?  I am coming home with the coolest bling to date (that is what this blog is all about, right?)
Are you racing this weekend?  Good luck to all of those that are!!

Gotta love inflight internet.  We will land in San Fran in a few hours and then drive to Big Sur, head to the expo and then a team dinner.  I will try and update tomorrow too!

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