20 Miler. Done. And Done.

My last long run is complete. I am happy to say I kicked that 20 mile runs ass yesterday.  In some pretty not-so-great conditions.  It was by far the hottest and most humid day we have had all year.

The Big Sur Team was all smiles before we started.
I decided when I woke up that I was fine.  I continued to tell myself that I would not have any pain and my hamstring wouldn’t bother me.  Lots of Positive Mental Attitude–and it helped!!  Nothing hurt.  The run went well.  Only a few minor issues out of my control.
I think I have explained how our group training sessions (GTS) work before but in case you are new–we meet each Saturday for a group run–our long run of the week.  TNT is very organized here and we have set routes, maps, and water stops every 2-3 miles or so.  Well, something happened at this GTS.  2 waterstops were missing.  I don’t know what happened but we went without hydration from miles 10-15.  It sucked.  It was hot.  We had to walk a few times and had to wait at mile 15 for someone to bring us water and gatorade.  I didn’t know it at the time but I was pretty dehydrated-I had stopped sweating and didn’t realize it until I had gatorade and started running again.  I was immediately drenched in sweat again.  
The course was very hilly–unfortunately some of the toughest hills were without the hydration.  The hardest to me was the last big hill around mile 17.5 on the garmin–I was hydrated at this point–it was just really tough.  But I used my Mantras from fridays DailyMile DailyMission and it helped so much!!  I just kept repeating who I was running for in my head.  There is a cause greater than me (we all wore TNT purple bracelets as a reminder on this run).
Note–I forgot to turn my garmin back on at one of the stops for about a mile.  Overall (per another teammate) we were at 19.77 so I added 10 minutes to my time for 3:26:01.

We walked at mile 15 for a bit to be safe.  I was also covering the middle of the pack with a few run/walkers (8:1) for a few of the miles.  Again, very pleased with my times for 65% training effort and the heat!!  I felt so much stronger on this 20 mile run than I did on last years.  It is a great feeling and really cool to see how my body has changed.  
Rob, myself, and Jay just after we finished

Anna enjoying 2 great recovery drinks-Chocolate Milk and a Mimosa 🙂

 After we all finished a few of us went out for a celebratory lunch at Fado.  I have started to crave a burger and a beer after each long run.  It was delish!!

I stopped on the way home for ice…for the dreaded awesome ice bath.  I added a little Joyful Bath Co. Salts and 30lbs of ice–nothing but cold bliss on my legs :):)  I followed the bath with some foam rolling and I slept in my compression sleeves and today I felt great.  I did an hour of yoga and a 3 mile recovery run—with very little pain.  My body is definitely adjusting to long miles.  I love it.  
My 2 favorite parts of yesterday? 
1.  I could’ve kept going.  I know I am ready for Big Sur.  
2.  Seeing several of my teammates finish a new milestone (20 miles being their longest run so far).  Big Sur will be their first marathon and I love watching the experience through them.

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