What I have learned about Injury Prevention

Well.  I hate to say this, but I didn’t learn too many new things at the Sports Rehabilitation Center Injury Prevention Clinic that I went to on Thursday night.  It was a great clinic-perfect for a new runner or someone that has never been injured.  And well, as you probably know, I am still in physical therapy for my IT Band and have learned a lot of this already. 

They had Big Peach Running Company there to go over running shoes and fit and Dr. Perry Julien, DPM to discuss foot-related injuries.  I have actually heard both of these already through TNT and the clinics that we have, but it was a nice refresher.  I thought I would share the highlights.

We discussed injury to the knees, hips, IT Band, Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, you name it, we talked about it.  And all of the topics tied into the same thing:

The theme of the night seemed to be “Listen to your body” and “blame yourself” and here is why.

If something hurts (knees, hips, IT Band) listen to your body.  Take a rest day if you feel pain.
The key to staying injury free is to Strengthen, Stretch, and Run don’t just run.

If you are having issues with your feet-very similar.  Listen to your body.  Dr. Julien said “Blame yourself.”  He has a dry sense of humor, but he is right.  He said most of the injuries are caused by little things that you could have avoided.  Examples:

  • Proper Shoes/replacing on time/being fitted
  • Running to fast (running with a friend when you know it may be a faster pace than normal)
  • Running hills to quickly (if your body isn’t used to it)
  • Switching quickly from asphalt to concrete (if your body isn’t used to it)

He also said the problem with stretching is it’s “cheap, easy and nobody wants to do it.”  I will admit, after learning more about stretching, I could be better.

We broke out into small groups and went over strengthening and stretching. Good news for me, my PT and I are doing all of the right things 🙂  I am already doing most of the exercises that were shown for strengthening hips.  We also went over several exercises for strengthening your core and quads that I hope to add into my normal routine.

Stretching exercises were probably the most beneficial to me.  We used a doorway to stretch out hamstrings and IT band.  I had never seen anything like these before.  My plan is to keep the stretches by my foam roller so that I actually do them.  I tried to google the examples and can’t find them so if you are interested in the stretches or the strength work I can scan and email it to you.

elizabethkalifeh  at  gmail   dot   com

I also received a copy of Dr. Julien’s book Sure Footing but I already have a copy.  So if you want it, email me and I will mail it to you.  
What was learned:  Stretch and Strengthen.  Don’t just run.  Listen to your body.
I wish I would’ve attended something like this before my injury!  If something like this is offered in your area I do recommend it.  And sorry I don’t have better notes-they were talking really fast and didn’t give us copies of any of the info other than the pictures of the stretches and strengthening exercises!!  Hope it was a little helpful 🙂

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  • That sounds interesting! It's nice to know you are on the right track 🙂 It would be nice if you could email me the exercises. I will send you an email 🙂 Thanks!!

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