What a Difference a Year Makes

After a fabulous Friday night of Carb Loading….

Risotto at Figo Pasta
Saturday morning came and it was time to hit the streets for a 16 miler. I was probably a little more anxious about this run than I had admitted. I hadn’t run anything over 13.1 since June. I can vividly remember the same run last May. It wasn’t pretty. Cramping, pain, wondering when I was going to be done and only being able to think about the end. Wondering what have I got myself into. A marathon. You are a crazy, crazy person. Who runs 16, or even, 26.2 miles for fun?
This 16 miler was the complete opposite. I felt great. My main issue was my asthma and that is only because I can tell my body is trying to fight off something (doctor’s appt tomorrow) and getting hungry. TNT doesn’t encourage the use of GU’s during training to teach your body to fuel itself. I tried for this run but realized my body can’t handle that-my stomach was literally growling. Luckily one of the water stops had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches at mile 14 or so and I was fine after a little bit of food/sugar (18 miler will have a GU). The Big Sur team ran together for most of the run and we maintained good conversation throughout-a somewhat easy training run. Bottom line-No real pain in my body and no negative thoughts and fears of not being able to do it. It actually went by quickly.
To be safe I made sure to end my run with one of these…
I honestly couldn’t even tell I had run at all by the end of the night. No pain. It pays to take it easy on the training run and train properly!!
Other things later learned after I finished from my friend Andy-Our goal was to run at around a 10 minute pace and we succeeded! 10:02 pace finishing 16.24 miles in 2:43. We ran a pretty tough course that is known for one big, long hill. Andy calculated it and it is 1.76 miles long with a 162’ elevation increase. Only scary part? Hurricane Point at Big Sur is 2 miles long and a 500’ elevation increase!! Must find more hills to train on!!
What a difference a year makes. My base has suddenly become a half marathon. How and when did that happen? 13.1 miles has become “easy.” I never thought that would be possible. It is amazing to see what your body can do in such a short period of time. All you have to do is put your mind to it. Train properly and trust your body. The rest will just come naturally. Still so hard to believe!! I’m hoping the rest of the training feels this exact same way.
When did you realize your “base” had changed? Or your that your body and its capabilities had changed? Such a cool feeling!!
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  • wahoo!! what an awesome feeling, huh!! 16 miles is where most start to die and you're just getting started!! you should go run UP stome mountain. now that is an incline!!!

  • I love when "long" runs grow to become "short" runs 😀

    Like right now, 8 miles seems like A LOT to me, but in a couple months, it will seem like an easy run!!

  • I was amazed how my running base changed during the training for my first marathon. Even though I never did any speed work, I PR'ed in all distances only due to increasing the mileage! It's such a good feeling!! 🙂

  • Eh, I'm too new for my running base to have changed much! (side note:) If you're ever looking for a guest blogger I'm your gal! Check out my blog and follow me back! Cheers!
    – Liz

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